About Me
  • Born at Mayavaram and broought up at Chennai -  who is passionate about stock market, finance,economy and any kind of Movies and Music.
  • Works for IT in Project management and became constant traveler thanks to T24 - Temenos implementation needs
  • Loves to make friends, likes to read books and track leaders.
  • A forced wanderer who roams relentlessly.
  • Closely track sports like Cricket and Tennis.
  • I am a very humourous person and a multi tasker.
  • I play cricket and badminton.
  • Married and have two children with me in this sweet journey of life !!!
About the Blog

  • This blog will express views on Indian Stock Market, Wit, Chennai, Travel, Reflections, Current affairs, Music, Movies and photography. Emotions are reflected through some film lyrics which get posted regularly.
  • I am Jack of all trades and trying to become master of few ! :) Hope you will end up liking the blog.