Thursday, September 27, 2007

Breaking News - Hailstorm in Chennai


We just had a hailstorm in Chennai (in and around Nungambakkam) just a while ago.
It lasted for 10-15 minutes. High winds, heavy rain with ICE katties all around....

Super show by nature !!!

Stocks to watch out

Some stocks to watch out for buying:

1. Gujarat NRE Coke (Rs.86)
2. NTPC (Rs.192)
3. LIC Housing Finance (Rs.215)
4. HCL Tech (Rs.295)
5. D-Link (Rs.74)
6. Siemens (Rs.1375)
7. Vishal Retail (Rs.685)
8. Tata Motors (Rs.740)
9. Ashok Leyland (Rs.42)
10. Hindustan Oil Exploration (Rs.112)

Happy investing folks !!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bandh - Oct 1

Good to know that ruling party is sponsoring a bandh on Oct 1 for speedy implementation of sethusamudram project.

1. Personally I am happy as it gives me 4 days break.
2. More over, life is tamil nadu has become really predictable without any intervention from nature like 100cm rain, earthquake or terrorist attacks. So I welcome bandh. Traffic Jam is the highest uncertainty with a common man's life in tamil nadu. Not even power cut !!!
3. Sadly, i cant make out with whom the DMK is trying to fight. They rule State and Center. Hence, it is a mockery.
4. Best joke was the CM's statement yesterday that communal forces are creating law and order problem in Tamil Nadu. It is a late realisation for me as i could not make out when DMK cadres converted to Hindutva :)

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Indian Stock Market - outlook

Markets have gone up like mad in the last fortnight.

I recommended DLF(630), Maruti (875) three weeks ago and it is time to exit these two.

I think, the upside would be capped for a while and the markets would struggle for some time and Q3 numbers needs to be seen before deciding the next major movement of market.

T20 World Cup - WIN WIN WIN

Oh !!! What a match... & finally it was the result that we all wished to happen.

Great contest and kudos to Indian Team...

Some unwanted questions:

1. What would be running in senior players mind?
2. We need two atleast two good all-rounders
2. Is Shah Rukh hungry for popularity?

Once again, Congratulations to the team....

Monday, September 24, 2007

Indo - Pak T20 Final

I am keenly looking forward for this match. For the first time, i think the sides are evenly poised. Difficult to predict the outcome.

Traidtionally, Pak used to have clear advantage in terms of Imran, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis & the one and only Javed Miandad.

My prediction of people who can make a difference in today's match: Asif, Gul, Shoaib malik, Yuvi, RP Singh and Uthappa.

Week End - Play List

I enjoy listening to these music tracks on the week end.... Awesome songs...I usually pick up some tracks and keep listening for some 2o times or so... These were best out of that in my playlist and kept me going on Sat & Sun...

Self with family tried to make portrait this week. Hence, we were in nostalgic mood.

This week's credit goes to Sudha Raghunathan's Marriage Songs... Lovely collection, traditional sound and soothing music.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Yuvraj - 6 sixers

Lovely to see and congrats Yuvi.... It is never easy to score hit sixer in an over.
It was fulfilling to see that against good bowler instead of some minnows.

Sensex @ 16k


It is great feeling that sensex crossed 16000 level yesterday. It touched 14000 levels in August during the sub-prime crisis. It has been a great rally and bulls returned with a vengeance.

My learning from this fall and the rally thereafter is as follows:

1. Governing bodies like FED, BoE are making sure that calm returns to the financial markets. The way they pumped cash or the way FED cut the bank rate, interest rate meant
Providing timely excess liquidity,
Aggressive decision making,
Provide calm and cool to the markets at the earliest
"The big boss is always there" attitude

2. I would like to see "the big boss watching you" attitude by conducting tough audits and some punishment to the big banks for violating basic credit norms in future.

3. Bear Market would prevail only for a short term due to excessive cash flow. And, bear market would haunt only when we go for severe recession. In other words, for example, if bear market cycle comes once in 5 years, in future it would come only once in 20 years or so.

4. I dont think, US consumers would shy away from taking credit as they are already addicted to it and infact credit culture is showing signs of only spreading across the world.

Let us enjoy the bull market as of now !!!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Indian political tamasha

Well.. Well... interesting days or months ahead in indian political scene... It all started with our Nuclear Deal with USA and promptly communists opposed it. So, all hell broke lose and our PM Manmohan Singh ended up forming yet another "committee" to "exmaine" the issues.

1. Communists of india always opposed USA. How will they ever agree to this deal even if PM changes his mind? Not possible at all as the core existence of Communists would be threatened for any "support USA identity"

2. Congress dont have any other way other than pursuing the interest of this Nuclear Bill. If they withdraw now, they would be called as "Chokers"; Also India wants UN Security Council Seat. How would India would get into it without the support of USA?

4. More over, Congress didnt do any great things for commons (read as aam aadmi). Prices shot up, real estate hit the roof, gas, petrol prices are bad. They want to show something +ve to go to voters at this stage

5. So, one of them has to call "Quit" first. Who is going to be that is not yet clear. I dont think, Congress would ever dissolve the Parliament on their own without really some one pushing for it. Otherwise, how will they ever get "Sympathy"? Definitely, they dont want to be seen as "arrogant" and "non co-operation with other political parties".

6. So, can we expect election some time next year? I think so... positively...

Week End - Play List

I enjoyed listening to the tracks on the week end.... Awesome songs...I usually pick up some tracks and keep listening for some 2o times or so... These were best out of that in my playlist and kept me going on Sat & Sun...

1. Tracy Chapman - Fast Car
2. A R Rahman - Dile Se
3. Varsham - Mellaga (Telugu)
4. Meat Loaf - I wud do anything for Love

Twenty20 - bowlers rule

It is called as "Slam Bang" cricket. 6s and 4s galore and shots are played all over the park.

What an irony... half way thru the tournament we realise, it is still bowlers game. The way Vettori took the match from us or Brett Lee's hat-trick happened ...

Unfortunately, Indian team lacks quality bowlers to make an impact although.

Friday, September 14, 2007

F1 - McLaren Punished

What a news.... sounds good... But drivers left unfinished becoz

"FIA said it did not penalize McLaren's drivers "due to exceptional circumstances"
because they provided evidence in exchange for immunity."

So., should we doubt the Alonso's credibility or not... is still lingering in my mind.

Whatever happens, i will skip watching this remaining races to punish myself of wasting time through the year :(

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Road Digging in Chennai

Road Digging started all over again in Chennai. Main road, side road doesnt matter.

It appears, that Corporation is trying to put all sort of cable into one tunnel, hence this operation.

Nothing much, it results in more jam than normal as of now.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

My love affair with Potato

I love potato or aloo. I love any dish which is made out of it. Onion adds hell lot of value to the curry.

Be it French fries, aloo curry, masala which comes with poori or simple aloo jeera; or the aloo masala fry which is made in pubs....

Somehow the love for aloo lingers in the mind... forever... I am not for any comparison games with other items or fish or chicken. Simply... I am fond of Potatoes.........

The great thing with aloo is no cook can spoil the dish... Hehehehehe...

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Prestige - Movie

I happened to see this movie in Chennai cinemas some time back... could not stop appreciating this movie...

The movie is about competion between two magicians and how it eats both their minds and who triumps in the self destructive fight....

Damn good movie, acting, lot of twists and turns until the very end of the movie keeps your mood in tact...

Weakness of themovie is its length 2h:15m and Scarlett Johansson is wasted in a brief role whereas the acting was top notch from Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman & Michael Kane impresses you most.

Worth Watching and would be on your mind for sure.

Week End - Playlist

I enjoyed listening to the tracks on the week end.... Awesome songs...
I usually pick up some tracks and keep listening for some 2o times or so... These were best out of that in my playlist and kept me going on Sat & Sun...

1. Marc Antony - You Sang to Me
2. A R Rahman - Munbe Vaa Anbe Vaa
3. Julie - Dil Kya Kare

Friday, September 7, 2007

Why I love Music

I love listening to Music... I can listen to any kind of music with ease.. Be it carnatic, rock, pop, filmy or rap....

Why i love music is because
  • It gives relief
  • Makes mind fresh
  • takes away tension
  • Imagine myself as singer or actors :)
  • Variety and versatality of music
  • Imagination of composers to captivate us
  • Archestration
  • Finally, musicians who make the music to come alive in your ears

Indian Stock Market - outlook

I think our markets along with china and taiwan is better placed for upward rally compared to US and Europle for rest of the year.

I will not be surprised if the sensex touches 18k by mar 08. We are in for good times and DLF
(630), Maruti (875) looks extremely attractive at current levels. Dabur, Cipla could be slow but would reward handsomely.

Enjoy investing.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Ooh La La La

Nice program and good to see such talents are available around us.
Lovely performance on instruments, composing ability, fusion etc...

Watch Sun TV every Sunday morning 9am or Night 10pm IST

You are Welcome

Finally... i am planning to create regular posting on my blog.

Topics could be of the following:

a. About Indian Stock market
b. Chennai Musings
c. About Music i listen to
d. About Books i read

Look forward to your readership !!! Would try to keep things interesting for sure.