Friday, November 30, 2007

Wasim Jaffer

Wasim Jaffer played outstanding innings of double century !!! Kudos to him.

Caught up with his innings in highlights. Wow... I was reminded of Azhar while Jaffer busy flicking... Such a fluent innings.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Indo-Pak cricket

Indo-Pak cricket is losing sheen as lot of players are having fitness issues.

But Pak is worst affected. I am losing interest in the test series as no tough fight is happening. Hope atleast SL and Eng would fight it out.

R.Quiney is one batsman from Australia to watch out for. If he is inducted into the Aussie team during our tour, we will have enough trouble.

Billa - Trailor

Billa Trailor is interesting.

Of the current heroes, Ajit is best suited for Suit. He looks damn interesting.
Nayantara impresses with her costumes and her hour-glass figure. Looking forward to listen to Yuvan's version of golden song "My Name is Billa"

November - stock market summary


The performance for stock markets were mixed in November. Struggling to find its feet, one can say. Dow went below 13000 and pulled back. Chila and Taiwan are clearly underperforming. Singapore and India is trying to stabilise at current levels.

Commodities were mixed - Oil holding steady and gold down from 28 year high levels, copper, zinc underperforming mostly.

P-Note issue impacted FIIs from carrying out short term trades and their Nifty trading bit slowed down. Midcaps were merrily going up and up away. So it is mixed so far.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Week end pass time

I saw the entire Bourne series over week end in Home theatre. I simply loved the 3 part movie and found it very interesting. Narration, photography, acting were too good.

Matt Damon was out and out cool and engaging. Better than the current set of Bond series.

Friday, November 23, 2007

School Syllabus

I feel our Indian metriculation & CBSE schools are overloading the students with heavy content especially in science & maths.

One consolation is, good i was born before otherwise, i would have definitely failed in this portion !!!!!!!!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Chennai design - on rain

Lack of rain in Chennai this year and season is seeking skitting away. Depression has gone to Bangaladesh and lashing heavily. Sun is shining relentlessly in Chennai.

Some how, the low pressure always moves to lash Andhra coast often and moves on to Orissa if it is really strong and it has a strong dis-liking for Chennai.

The funny side of chennai placement resulting in lack of rain can be imagined:

a. It is a design issue (Placement & vaasthu impact)
b. Bad people ruling or living in the state
c. Kannagi Statue in beach
d. Oru velai... Is there any "No Entry" board in Bay of Bengal near chennai coast
e. finally whether the low pressure is scared of Pongal when it travels in Bay of Bengal !!!

Do cast your vote.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


A Toilet is like committee meeting!
People come with lot of pressure,
Create lot of noise,

hey.. folks... Just fun and definitely i am not comparing with yesterday's CPM announcement on nuclear deal operationalisation.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Bad Songs - of two new movies

I listened to two new movie songs with lot of anticipation and felt let down in a big way.

Khoya Khoya Chand

The title track was too good and then free fall after that. Shantanu Moitra took some sample old songs and tried to put it back all over again. Could not believe that the same Shantanu Moitra composed Parineeta.

Taare Zameen Par

The quality of SEL is off-late going down. That is the known story. In this movie also, the three minds could not produce three good songs. Only the title track stands out in quality and others are below average.

Worth ignoring albums... I am running all the way back to ATM... that is a safe heaven for sure !!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

Stocks to watch out for

Market had a brief correction from 20k to 19k levels. Indian stock market continue to outperform other global markets. Some good investment picks herewith:

1. Ranbaxy (Rs. 430)
2. Biocon (Rs. 575)
3. Power Trading Corp (Rs.150)
4. IDBI - short term rally expected and the stock could touch Rs.190.
5. Bharti telecom- Rs. (880)


5. Senxex - would touch 21k level by budget
6. US & Nasdaq would continue to underperform
7. China stocks expected to resume upward rally from 5325 levels

Status of my old recommendation made on Sep 27, 07:

1. Gujarat NRE Coke (Rs.86) - Hold - CMP Rs.111
2. NTPC (Rs.192) - Hold - CMP - Rs.230
3. LIC Housing Finance (Rs.215) - Hold CMP - Rs.335
4. HCL Tech (Rs.295) - Hold - CMP Rs. 300
5. D-Link (Rs.74) - Sell - CMP Rs.75
6. Siemens (Rs.1375) - Hold - Rs.1800
7. Vishal Retail (Rs.685) - Buy & Hold - Rs. 710
8. Tata Motors (Rs.740) - Hold - Rs. 710
9. Ashok Leyland (Rs.42) - Buy & Hold -Rs. 38
10. Hindustan Oil Exploration (Rs.112) - Buy & Hold - Rs.125

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Happy Diwali...

Happy Diwali folks...

This is the best of all festivals and enjoy in full mood with new clothes, mouth watering dishes and high flying crackers, new movies...

Have fun and be merry.

Monday, November 5, 2007

Problem of plenty around India

India's neighbourhood is in bad state. Srilanka has got issues for the last two decades. Nepal and Mao are in a mess for over 8 years now. Nothing new in Pakistan and it continues under military rule for so long now and no clarity in sight. The less is said is better on Bangladesh, Myanmar, Afganistan etc.

Only stable countries around us are China & Russia.

India is doing well and it faces its biggest test in creating infrastructure for propelling the industrial growth and the current situation should be strongly challenged in the next 10 years.

With our coalition politics strongly in force, we might flatter to deceive in the end !!!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Movie - Trailers

I love watching movie trailers. They are supposed to indicate what is in store for us when we watch movie. Some of the recent ones i liked

1. Jab We Met (Waiting to find time to see this movie)
2. Kannamoochi Yenada (Looks like Satyaraj's movie all the way)
3. Oram Po

Oram Po trailer was a big surprise and it was a damn interesting one. One chennai tamil voice introduces characters in this movie and bit of story. Damn good idea and catchy indeed. In very simple language with some scenes insight to characters also given. Looks like a take it easy movie.