Sunday, March 28, 2010

Short trip to Surat

I finally found some time to visit Surat this saturday. Summary of observation is as follows:

1. Typical indian middle class city
2. Crowded, traffic chaos comes free like any other growing indian city
3. Textile market is quite huge and interesting
4. But you feel let down for being born as a Male - No choices !
5. Bargaining is advised
6. I liked these temples - Ambaji temple, Krishna Mandir
7. The only way to describe the attire of lord krishna - awesome
8. Tasted good food at - Lord's Plaza (buffet breakfast) with superb south indian taste
9. Tasted good food at - one small restaurent at ring road (kuoni academy building)
10. Auto fare is damn cheap...
11. Climate is regular hot - so dress cotton
12. Most of the shooping happens around Surat Station - so plan your hotel alongside
13. Shop keepers are service minded, willing to display as many clothes as you want
14. Carry cash as credit cards are seldom accepted
15. Photo link herewith -

Monday, March 22, 2010

inflation and salaried class

Salaries class is no longer bothered about rising inflation. They seem to be complaining a bit., but no angst or anger, frustration seen in their mindsets. This is quite significant as the public is surviving with higher inflation for the second consecutive year.

These could be the possible reasons....

1. The salary levels has gone up significantly over the past decade
2. which resulted in increased cash or surplus on hand
3. Increased job opportunity across all sections of society
4. Lower middle class is able to absorb the shock
5. Below poverty line's voice is becoming very feeble in electoral system and worse as the could be involved in "cash for vote" during election time

whereas rise in price of Sugar could impact all the sections of the society. That is why i feel there is no significant push from government to bring the price down barring sugar. Let us see how it is going to be over a period.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sensex outlook

One year has gone since the world markets made record lows and made "V" shaped recovery against everyone's prediction. Zero interest rates, easy liquidity, lack of other investment options made the stocks to surge over last one year.

What will happen for rest of 2010 ?

As for as Sensex concerned, probability of fall is more visible than considerable rise from current levels of 17k. The best of possibility of 18,500 levels and worst of prediction can be to 14500 for the rest of year. Sensex could top out only after further rise and is unlikely to fall heavily from current levels.

Rising inflation, hardening interest rates, excess capacity of real estate, lack of infrastructure spending could dampen sentiments. Disinvestment could suck further liquidity away from secondary markets to primary markets. So tread cautiously.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaaya - Movie Review

Simple story, few characters to play around, cliched issue of age / religion, nice music, good acting, lively dialogues, impressive costumes are all there in this movie.

Simbu has underplayed himself and impressive. Trisha as usual show cases her versatality. But the big thing in the movie is the portrayal of love, its feelings, and the impact on the characters. Awesome to say the least. Conflict of love and the reaction of the human mind has come out beautifully - in acting and diaglogues.

The big let down for me in the movie was - back ground score., probably too many songs which hamper the flow and above all Aaromale picturisation.

FYI - the movie had sub-title for the dialogues, songs in Pune.