Sunday, March 28, 2010

Short trip to Surat

I finally found some time to visit Surat this saturday. Summary of observation is as follows:

1. Typical indian middle class city
2. Crowded, traffic chaos comes free like any other growing indian city
3. Textile market is quite huge and interesting
4. But you feel let down for being born as a Male - No choices !
5. Bargaining is advised
6. I liked these temples - Ambaji temple, Krishna Mandir
7. The only way to describe the attire of lord krishna - awesome
8. Tasted good food at - Lord's Plaza (buffet breakfast) with superb south indian taste
9. Tasted good food at - one small restaurent at ring road (kuoni academy building)
10. Auto fare is damn cheap...
11. Climate is regular hot - so dress cotton
12. Most of the shooping happens around Surat Station - so plan your hotel alongside
13. Shop keepers are service minded, willing to display as many clothes as you want
14. Carry cash as credit cards are seldom accepted
15. Photo link herewith -

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  1. Try the aam-papad the next time you are there. It should be good this time of the year.