Saturday, July 31, 2010

Kalavani - Movie

After hearing and reading lot of about the movie., i could finally watch it.

The movie is natural, engaging, exciting. Got some great acting, dialogues, situations. Brilliantly narrated, it keeps you hooked throughout. So many wonderful scenes.. Ganja karuppu episode, fertilizer stealing, tracking down of Arikki and the Kottu.... or the tiffen box comment... what to say... Impressive....

Don't miss it. Great work Sargunam... Keep it up.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Monsoon Blues

For a chennai guy, monsoon does not mean anything. It hardly rains for 10-15 days a year in Chennai and that too out of low pressure or depression or cyclones. I hear from my friends and family that 2010 is better.

But, for now, i am living in Pune. Monsoon has finally kicked in. It rains from morning to night. The speed is different - some times, furious, some times, slow... I am happy to see the rains, low temperatures, cold nights, warm rajois.... loving it...

To a office goer - it is a pain.... half wet trouser, socks.... protection, failed protection.... getting adjusted to this... for the first time... as i need to survive for some 45 days at a stretch...

Monday, July 19, 2010

Funny takes on Inception Movie

My funny takes on Inception movie... just for fun...

  • Why everyone is going to Inception for second time ? Bcoz, they didnt understand half of the story when they saw first time !!!
  • Why everyone says they love Inception ? Bcoz it is the latest fashion statement :)
  • Like one villager, we clap when others clap, we laugh when others laugh and we leave when every one else leaves - That is Inception movie experience for you !!!
  • You cant even threaten your friends that you will tell the story or climax and spoil the suspense... bcoz, u hv not understood it in anyway !!!
  • What do you call over-hyping - When the fans react that they are looking forward to the sequel of Inception

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inception - Movie Opinion

My opinion on Inception

Plus points

1. Gripping narration for a complex story
2. Technically Brilliant movie
3. Innovative story line
4. Subtle Humour

Minus Points

1. Projections vs Real confusion in characters
2. Superficial sentiment
3. Too much of background score

One-Line Story

Our hero is a specialist thief, he steals your thoughts through dreams and he is hired to plot one story into someone's mind. Our hero makes a plan, hires experts, executes it, faces issues, resolves it and makes it.

Funny side

To us, it is all, one big confusing, scientific maze which we try to comprehend and come to terms with it. All of us know, english movies give enough Halwa to the thoughts. This is no different. Like one villager, we clap when others clap, we laugh when others laugh and we leave when every one else leaves !!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wonderful interaction bwn lovers - Aanpaavam

I caught up with this song some time back in morning this week on TV... Pandian & Seetha had given some subtle expressions for this stanza... it gives some good feeling of wonderful interaction between lovers....

(F) Raasaadhi Raasanath Thaan Kattikkolla Raasaaththi Aasap Pattaa
(M) Raasaaththi Enna Seivaa Avalukkunnu Raasaavaa Naan Porandhaa

பெ - ராசாத்தி ராசனைத்தான் கட்டி கொள்ள ராசாத்தி ஆசைபட்டா
ஆ - ராசாத்தி என்ன செய்வா அவளுக்குன்னு ராசாவா நான் பொறந்தா

(F) Annaikkoru Ezhuththa Enakkezhudhiputtaan
Innaikkadha Azhichchaa Avan Ezhudhapporaan

பெ - அன்னிக்கொரு எழுத்த எனக்கு எழுதிபுட்டான்
இன்னைக்கத அழிச்ச அவன் எழுதபோறான்

(M) Pennae Pazhi Avan Maela Sollaadhaedi
Aanpaavam Pollaadhadhu Kollaadhadi

ஆ - பெண்ணே பழி அவன் மேல சொல்லாதடி
ஆண் பாவம் பொல்லாது கொள்ளதாடி

(F) Thavaro Sariyo Vidhi Idhu Dhaan
Sari Dhaan Sari Dhaan Vazhakkedhukku

பெ - தவறோ சரியோ விதி இது தான்
சரி தான் சரி தான் வழக்குஎதர்க்கு

(M) Idhu Aanukkum Pennukkum Ennaalum Ulla Kadhai

ஆ - இது ஆணுக்கும் பெண்ணுக்கும் எந்நாளும் உள்ள கதை

(F) Kuyilae Kuyilae Poonguyilae
Mayilae Mayilae Maamayilae

YouTube Link -

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Talk about drinking

Conversation between newly wed couples:

Day 1

Wife - Did you drink today?

Hubby - yes, there was a celebration party for some promotion. It is a social obligation, i could not avoid it

Wife - Ummm... #$%^

Day 4

Wife - You seem to be bit sober today, not talking much... what happaned...

Hubby - Boss was quite unhappy with output, he fired us left and right.

Wife - but some smell is coming...

Hubby - yeah (meekly)

Wife - @#$%^&^&

Hubby - We had a dinner meeting and tried to find out solution, so sipped some bit of drink...

Wife - ????

Day 5 - Morning...

Wife - so, i should not ask you for reason for drinking ?

Hubby - Oh Darling... i am sorry

Hubby's voice inside the mind - You moron, have u understood this finally ????

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Office Campus

Sprawling campus
Nice looking lawns
Pleasant weather
Decent food
Hot tea
Cool friends
Chill Breeze
Sweet nothings
Friday dressing
Bird watching

Friday, July 9, 2010

Sensex outlook July 2010

Sensex has gone up from 5100 levels to 5300 levels bwn June to July first week.

In my opinion, markets are unlikely to fall and could go up and test the resistance of 5385 levels in July and it could even hit 5450 levels. Support for Nifty would be 5250 for July.

As per my last month's prediction, bank of india performed very well and hit 365 levels. If it violates 385 levels, it can go upto 410-425 levels in July.

Another prediction would be to track Opto Cirtuit. CMP is 240 levels. It can go upto 255-262 levels in July.

Update on July 15 - CMP of Opto 270. Hold on for a target of 278-285

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rising Star - Amit Trivedi, Music Director

As a music fan, we have a next rising star in Film Music field - Amit Trivedi.

The composer behind some of the finest albums of the recent past has got immense talent, imagination, composing skills, punch in his side. I am sure you will hear a lot about him in the next 10 years. Now, an intro on him:

Amit is based in Mumbai and started composing music in his 19-20s. He has composed background score for TV serials, Dandiyas and for McDonalds, AirTel ad jingles.

His Aamir OST had some great tracks - Ek Lau track of Aamir was extensively used by NDTV during 26/11 tributes. Phas Gaya (Never Mind) had inmpressive orchestration, instrumentation, arrangement, voice selection and originality.

Then came the stunner called Dev-D. 18 Tracks for 61m and swung across Rock, Band, Hindustani, Punjabi. No other word would describe the album as much as the cliched word "Awesome" !!! Emotional attyachar became a anthem across the Indians and no one can dispute that.

My favourite tracks of Dev-D are Emotional attayachar, paayaliya, aankh micholi. It is a sin if you have not heard this album.

Wake Up Sid had one track of him - A sufi melody called Iktara and won the female singer award in various platforms.

I cant wait to lay my hands on Udaan CD which is releasing this week.