Sunday, July 18, 2010

Inception - Movie Opinion

My opinion on Inception

Plus points

1. Gripping narration for a complex story
2. Technically Brilliant movie
3. Innovative story line
4. Subtle Humour

Minus Points

1. Projections vs Real confusion in characters
2. Superficial sentiment
3. Too much of background score

One-Line Story

Our hero is a specialist thief, he steals your thoughts through dreams and he is hired to plot one story into someone's mind. Our hero makes a plan, hires experts, executes it, faces issues, resolves it and makes it.

Funny side

To us, it is all, one big confusing, scientific maze which we try to comprehend and come to terms with it. All of us know, english movies give enough Halwa to the thoughts. This is no different. Like one villager, we clap when others clap, we laugh when others laugh and we leave when every one else leaves !!!


  1. Finally an honest review. People have been praising Inception to the skies. I haven't watched the movie though.

    Btw, cool blog. Will add it to my Google Reader list :)

  2. It seems to be more than good for 1 time see! Liked ur review!