Friday, February 29, 2008


True. Budget as per book definition is a statement of account by government.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz is the best description of 2008-08 Budget of Indian Finance Minister. (His 7th Budget)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tribute to Tamil Writer Sujatha

Tribute to Tamil Writer Sujatha

Sujatha (Mr Rangarajan) passed away yesterday. He was a great writer and wrote novels, fiction, short stories, sci-fi and above all simple Q & As to educate people on science.

I still remember reading his science fiction Jeno so curiously in the petti kadai itself before even start walking back to home !!!

His ganesh - vasanth fiction never failed to enthuse.
Or his Srirangam stories which always makes us so nostalgic or takes us in time machine back to our younger days.

Who can forget his best love story Pirivom - Santhippom?

His contribution is priceless and he would always fondly remembered by tamil readers across the universe.

Coffee Break

Discussion between Amma & Naughty Rahul

Amma: Hey... Rahul..... Innikku home work enna?

Naughty Rahul: Amma, Maths & EVS

Amma: Ok Let us start doing it....

Comment afer doing Maths for some time

Amma: Dei... unakku enna Addition mandayile yera mattengirathu? nnu Oru Kuttu

Naughty Rahul: Amma...ennadhu idhu... Idhey mathiri addition varaley-nnu solli enga miss-um idhey edathule kuttinanga @#$%

Amma: !!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Coffee Break - 2

Discussion between Amma & Naughty Rahul

Amma: Hey... Rahul..... Dont push me too much. Ummachi unnai parthundrukku.

Naughty Rahul: Amma, ummachi engey irukku?

Amma: Vaanathila irukku

Naughty Rahul: Ummachikku eppadi vaanathiley irundhu nammaley pakkum? Edavadu binocular irukka?

Amma: Aamam. Ummachikku ellam theriyum

Naughty Rahul: Eppadi theriyum? Adhan, window, door ellam close-a irukkey !!! Amma, summa sollathey

Amma: Appadi illey. Ummachikku ellam pakka mudiyum

Naughty Rahul: Appo, ummachiya ingey vara sollu. Ennoda vandhu velayada sollu !!!

Amma: Ayyo, thirumbi prahaladan kadhaya... enna vittudu !!!

Coffee Break

I am introducing a new section called Coffee break in my blog. Post under this label would have some discussion between section of people (imagined ofcourse) commenting on current affairs or something creative !!! Do let me know your feedback pls...

Two movie buffs are discussing:

Movie Buff 1: Machi, anjathey padam pathacha?

Movie Buff 2: Illemma. After seeing, prasanna's make up in sun tv's thirai vimarsanam and director's show in IsaiAruvi channel, i was scared to go.

Movie Buff 1: U r missing something. It is a different movie, dont miss it.

Movie Buff 2: Appadiya... TV-la rendu pattu vaikaran. Adha Partha, padam ennamo full-a tasmac-la kadaila edutha mathiri irukku.

Movie Buff 1: Poda... Summa olarathey. Ippadi than Billa pathiyim over-a comment adichey. Padam enna hit theriyuma...

Movie Buff 2: Oho... Appo try panren... Bye for now...

Are we Taliban?

Growing intolerance in India is creating some kind of discomfort in me.

Raj Thackery episode, Jodhaa Akhar banning episodes, some West bengal ministers comment on Marwaris, Valentine Day's culture campaign suggest that we - Indians are promoting atleast some 30-40% of talibanism in our culture !!! Sad indeed :(

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Actress Shreya

I met actress shreya in Chennai city center on Feb 19th. She stepped out of her innova and wanted to catch lift to go INOX to watch Jodhaa Akbar.

She came with her family and smiling all over. People were bit confused how to react.

I was also waiting for the elevator. I somehow felt that she wanted to be recognised so i exchanged pleasentries with her when we went up using the elevator. She acknowledged with cheerful smile.

She was cool, looked smart but simple, around 5ft 2inch types and wearing light blue jean and white round neck t-shirt.

Jodhaa Akbar - Movie Review

Jodhaa Akbar - Movie Review

I thought it is going to be a historical portrayal of Akbar before the release. But it turned out to be more of love story which starts after the marriage of Jodhaa with Akbar.

The movie has got everything - Political moves, war, hatred, jealous, love of religions, love story between the lead pair and family bonding and kitchen cabinet sabotage, plans etc...

The acting is top notch by Hrithik Roshan, Aishwarya, Ila Arun. The sets are class apart. Scripting is fairly good and covering all sort of angles. Clothes and Jewellery are outstanding. Photography is mind blowing.

Salute to A R Rahman for the great music score. I felt that first ten minutes of music was bit loud bit it toned down when the movie settles down. I didnt like the music at two points due to familiarity - One place similar to Bombay movie and the
other with Boopalam raaga when Hrithik gets well.

Another salute to Ashutosh for making this movie. I now realise what a grand movie means. Mr Shankar (south indian director of Sivaji, Mudalvan) should see this movie to understand how money can be spent to make the movie look lavish.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On Raj Thackery's Outburst

Raj Thackery's outburst

Raj created a havoc with his mumbai for mumbaikers comment a week ago.

My reaction is as follows:

1. Every Indian citizen has got right to live where ever he chooses in any part of India. But inciting violence is highly deplorable.

2. But the government of India is equally responsible in createing industrial belts across the India so that huge migrations can be little better managed.

3. I am taking Tamil Nadu and karnataka as example as I am very familiar with both these states. If one take example of Tamil Nadu, most of job opportunities are available around Chennai and some fraction of it in Coimbatore.

4. There is not much of job opportunities outside Bangalore too.

5. So, people from all over India migrated to Chennai to make a living. I can see plenty of north Indians in Chennai compared to what I saw in 1995 or so. North East females have taken over all hi-fi restaurents over last 2-3 years.

6. There is nothing wrong in movement of people. But in-action of Government is making all state equal is disturbing.

7. To me, the way UP, Bihar or North East being ignored for so many years is really disturbing than migration.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


1. Two songs from Billa (vethalai, my name is billa ) are beamed only in Isaiaruvi channel and not in any other channel. Donno the logic. But all remix songs are looks so bad after the engeyum eppothum supermix !!!

2. Have you listened to Nakka Mooka song from Kadhalil Vizhunthen movie? I listened to female version song in FM radio while driving.... I thought i had enough of Kuthu songs but this song & kutti pisase song from kaalai are ear shattering...

3. I managed to saw Mudhal Mazhai song from Bheema on Sun Music this week. Trisha wears Black Coat / Suit costume in this song - it suits her like "T".

4. Stock market Comment - US, China, Japan and India's stock market authorities decided to make ECG report mandatory for investors along with other requirements like Bank A/c, Demat A/c, PAN Card etc as the markets are turning real volatile in 2008 ...

5. Query to South India - any one able to see NDTV Imagine or any other recently launched new channels in Dish TV or set top boxes... ?

Friday, February 8, 2008

Saw some movies this week

Managed to see two movies this week.

1. Polladhavan - Nice tamil movie starring Dhanush. I liked this movie because of its narration more than story. Great comedy track, most of us would have come across similar people in our life as portrayed in comedy track like dhanush or karuna. Super time pass. Dhanush is improving a lot. Looking forward for his next movie with beautiful Nayan.

2. Seven Samurai (Classic) - Watched in DVD. I had seen other Akira Kurosawa's movies like bad sleeps well, roshamon etc. But this movie is outstanding for the story telling method. Almost 3 hours but worth it. The way the villagers goes out and hires samurais, and the settling down of samurais in village and preparation for bandit's attack etc... Wow !!!

Monday, February 4, 2008

February 2008 - Market outlook

Sensex would move in a range between 17000 to 21000 levels in Feb. FIIs have pressed significant sale in Indian stocks in the month of Jan 08 and hence I feel that they would continue to supply the stocks at higher levels. ACC (Rs.768) and India Cement (Rs. 205) are good investment at current levels.

Indian Budget (7th by Finance Minister Mr. P Chidambaram) would provide indication future trend.

As for as US markets concerned, i think, most of the bad news are out and bad news could take a breather in Feb 08.

Good Bye Shaun Pollock

You are truly great Polly !!! Envious fitness, amazing bowling ability, maintained damn good economy of rate in bowling, all-rounder angle, good captain etc et etc... it can go on and on and on...

Looking forward that he would continue his good job as bowling coach in future !!!

Trust BCCI has seen how Pollock was given send-off and learn to do good things so that they can replicate it for Dravid or Ganguly or even Sachin in future !!!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Microsoft bids for Yahoo

Microsoft made a big take over yahoo for 44.6billion USD on friday.

Yahoo was struggling, they couldnt compete with Google in the last 2-3 years and they will be happy to hand it over to MS for 31$ which is around 60% more than the current stock price.

As for as MS concerned, i feel they missed the bus against google, happily slept over in a bus stand for 2 years and suddenly they woke up a-la Rip Van Winkle style to take over Yahoo. Its simply too late. Their talk of "monopoly" is stupid to say the least.

Friday, February 1, 2008


My first attempt of haikoo (in tamil):

Kashtapattu Minnanjal Arattayil
Sikkiya pen
Hello Uncle endral