Wednesday, February 13, 2008

On Raj Thackery's Outburst

Raj Thackery's outburst

Raj created a havoc with his mumbai for mumbaikers comment a week ago.

My reaction is as follows:

1. Every Indian citizen has got right to live where ever he chooses in any part of India. But inciting violence is highly deplorable.

2. But the government of India is equally responsible in createing industrial belts across the India so that huge migrations can be little better managed.

3. I am taking Tamil Nadu and karnataka as example as I am very familiar with both these states. If one take example of Tamil Nadu, most of job opportunities are available around Chennai and some fraction of it in Coimbatore.

4. There is not much of job opportunities outside Bangalore too.

5. So, people from all over India migrated to Chennai to make a living. I can see plenty of north Indians in Chennai compared to what I saw in 1995 or so. North East females have taken over all hi-fi restaurents over last 2-3 years.

6. There is nothing wrong in movement of people. But in-action of Government is making all state equal is disturbing.

7. To me, the way UP, Bihar or North East being ignored for so many years is really disturbing than migration.

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