Sunday, March 27, 2011

New place

As always., new place, new challenges, new learning and the obvious adjustments.... Every year, IT industry sends to some new place and my life looks like a brand start all over again ... and again... and again....

I will be U.K for some time... my regular readers... if you are around, do drop in and say "Hi" to me....

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stay away U.N

Dear United Nation and its idiotic members ....

1. Have you ever made any useful difference to any country ?
2. What right you have got to intervene with military action in any country ?
3. Have you checked your previous track record ? any productive outing so far ?
4. Just look at your record - Iraq, Gaza or Afgan .... how hopeless you were ?
5. People of Libya will fight for their rights, they are determined ... let them decide and act for their future.
6. How on earth bombing from 30,000 ft will benefit the civilians ?

You Idiots ....Stay Away...

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cost conscious office Lunch

As the inflation soured, the Lunch at office became a farce over last 2 years.... A funny take on the lunch :

1. Big sized utensils should not be used to serve lunch.
2. Dividers in the plates should be filled with some food... not necessarily your favourite vegetable or well known vegetable
3. Barter system is considered as a Crime... like i don't want curd rice but give me one more roti !
4. Payasam will be served through Reynold Pen's CAP
5. One papad means One half portion of Papad...
6. Quantity of items served on the plate to be treated like "Temple prasadham"
7. New board announces "Too much of eating is definitely injurious to health and shape of the body" in 38 languages

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Japan Tsunami

Let us support the people of Japan.....

Japan has withstood lot of challenges in the past., and hope they will put their fighting spirit once again to test....

If not helpful., at least not to spread the rumours, false news and avoid panic.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sensex Outlook - Mar 2011

As i predicted, Nifty did not break 5250 levels and recovered smartly after Budget presentation during Feb.

What is in store for March ?

I only one big -ve factor - Crude prices due to political uncertainty. Barring that Nifty should trade in the range of 5450 - 5850 range. As Nifty has fallen quite steeply post October., it is natural time for some credible pull back.

I feel 5250 levels are unlikely to be broken during March.