Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stay away U.N

Dear United Nation and its idiotic members ....

1. Have you ever made any useful difference to any country ?
2. What right you have got to intervene with military action in any country ?
3. Have you checked your previous track record ? any productive outing so far ?
4. Just look at your record - Iraq, Gaza or Afgan .... how hopeless you were ?
5. People of Libya will fight for their rights, they are determined ... let them decide and act for their future.
6. How on earth bombing from 30,000 ft will benefit the civilians ?

You Idiots ....Stay Away...


  1. good points. the UN needs to stop bombing places...

    Your blog is hard to find, if you start zeoling in chennai (, your thoughts would be lot easier to find for readers like me.

  2. u made a clear picture how UN failed to define their identity , keep blogging

  3. Libyan civilians who are revolting against an armed dictator who is using violence as a means to subdue this uprising were the one's asking intervention.
    You want one man to slaughter his own people so he can stay in power? You want the world to watch?