Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Welcome 2009

Hey 2008

You Entertained us in fancy Olympics

Excited us with Abhinav Bindra

Fancied us street smart Dhoni

made us to realise the fighting spirit of Saina

You gave us so many problems

Showed us the reality

Made us to face turbulence

United us in deadly attacks

Good bye 2008, never learned so much in one single year !!!

Welcome 2009

Just make us to feel comfortable !

December Music Season Update - Final

Venue: Narada Gana Sabha

30 Dec 2008 – Vocal - Sudha Raghunathan; Violin R K Sriram Kumar

Excellent concert. Some of songs were: Sri jalandharam, karuna jooda vamma (thodi), rama rama payasage (pandhuvarali), mrudanga thalamu (sri ranjani), sathurdasya ragamalika, arul seyya venumayya (rasigapriya), kandha un aadhara vindham thunai, thaye gopalakrishnan yasodha, jagadho vaaraname. It was little sloppy in the beginning but picked up admirably during second half. Kandha was the pick of the day.

The sad part of the day was the body language of violinist Sriram who behaved as if he is playing music on sudha's private reception. He hardly turned and looked at the crowd !

Some general observation of mine on this season:

1. 80% of the crowd consists of oldies.... They are extremely good and knowledgeable in carnatic music. They come early and they keep their cell phones in silent mode. They share musical information. Good company indeed !

2. Singers should look at the crowd for the first 2 songs to get the feedback on mike / sound.

3. Why dont the sabha's keep some dust bins reachable?

4. Sabha should introduce the musicians before the start of kacheri.

Monday, December 29, 2008

December Music Season – Update 5

Venue: Narada Gana Sabha

28 Dec 2008 – Mandolin U Srinivas Violin – Mullaivasan G Chandramouli; Mrudangam –

Tanjore Murugabhopathy; Ghatam – S V Ramani; Morsing Srirangam Kannan

Good concert. Some of songs were: Shanthamuledhu, balayamam, ranjani niranjani, Chinnan Chiru Kiliye & Saibhajan. Lovely concert with one of the best thani avardhanam performance.

28 Dec 2008 – Vocal - Neyveli R Santhanagopalan; Violin – V V Ravi; Mrudangam – Neyveli R Narayanan

I listened to first two songs - Ninnukori & Vathabi and left the concert hall as I felt overflowing with music for a given day.

29 Dec 2008 – Vocal – Bombay Jayashri; Violin – Embar Kannan; Mrudangam – Patri Sathishkumar

Excellent Concert. Some of the songs were: Nin thaathpamariya, Tripura sundari, hiranmayi lakshmi, manabyasa sarala, kalisiyunde, sivabalane vadivelane, kanda naal mudhal & thillana. Well executed concert and enjoyed well by rasigas. Sivabalane received maximum applause.

29 Dec 2008 – Vocal – O S Arun; Violin – Vittal Ramamurthy; Mrudangam J Vaidyanathan

I listened to first two songs - Vathabi & Brocheva and left the concert hall as I felt overflowing with music for a given day.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

December Music Season – Update 4

Venue: Narada Gana Sabha

26 Dec 2008 – Vocal – T V Sankaranarayanan; Violin – H K Venkatraman; Mrudangam – Tanjore Murugabhopathy

Good concert. Some of songs were: Gajananam, sfri naradha, sri guru praba, abaya varadhe saradhe (Hindolam), Saroja nala nethri (shankarabharanam), Karpooran narumo & venkatajala nilayam. For his age, he sang very well and sounded fully passionate. 65% of the hall was occupied and it looked like it was filled up with his fans that seemed to have enjoyed the concert fully. I liked it.

26 Dec 2008 – Ganesh, Kumaresh & Jayanthi Kumaresh

Bad Concert. Looked like one quite an unprepared concert. They failed miserably to keep the attention of listeners at the end.

27 Dec 2008 – Vocal – Ranjani & Gayathri; Violin – Charulatha (?); Mrudangam – Manoj Siva

Excellent Concert. Some of the songs were:Vallava nayaga, palil, nava siddhi petralum, sri kamakoti peeta, nee kelara, anjile ondru petran. I simply loved the song anandha bairavi unai allal aarabi specifically. The crowed guessed the song, raaga and hence, the built up was very enjoyable. Kudos the college going like Violinist Charu ended up playing her role very well.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Crazy Mohan's Chocolate Krishna

I watched Crazy Mohan's latest play called Chocolate Krishna at Narada Gana Sabha. It was 119th performance and has duration of 90m.

It is about self belief than getting addicted in god's belief. It provoked good amount of laugh and filled up with funny one liners. The linking up of Vodafone commercial is too good. Worth seeing once.

Friday, December 26, 2008

December Music Season – Update 3

Venue: Narada Gana Sabha

25 Dec 2008 – Vocal – Priya Sisters; Violin – V V Srinivasa Rao' Mrudangam – B Sivaraman

Good concert. Some of songs are: Sri valli devasenapathy, kanda purama soundaryam, kali dhanushkodi with ponguju sri raghu, rasika jana mohana ranjani, jo achudananda. I loved thirumal kunda and chinnan siru kiliye especially. They are sounding very fine while singing melody or in a soft voice.

25 Dec 2008 – Bharathanatyam by Shobana

Decent show. Shobana looked like an angel and danced with complete grace. Facial expressions were very good especially while she was dancing for yadhava Krishna, yadhukula Krishna. She played to gallery when she danced for nadhar mudi mel irukkum nalla paambey ! But I felt lost as it had no story like what Sonal Mansing gave on 24th Dec. Hence, my satisfaction level was not that good. But the hall was full for Shobana.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

December Music Season 2008 – Update 2

Venue: Narada Gana Sabha

23 Dec 2008 – Vocal – Sanjay Subramaniam; Violin – Nagai Muralidharan; Mrudangam – Patri Sathishkumar

Excellent concert. Ongi Ulagalandha, Kaalai thooki nindradum, Alanaadu, Isai paada vendumey are some of the songs he sang. Alanaadu in Thodi was mesmerizing and he just made people to hook it on so easily and held the control on through the concert. The crowd showered him with affectionate applauses. Govinda alalem mangai manaala vaa was another damn good song he sang and I loved. In fact, I started even imagining that song in fusion, percussion type while sipping coffee.

24 Dec 2008 – Vocal – T M Krishna; Violin – Mysore Manjunath; Mrudangam – Trichy Sankaran

Excellent Concert. Ayyappan avadharitha, maakelara vicharam, sri guru kula murthy (udayaravi chandrika raagam), vinaradhana manaveer, mari mari nine with karuna govinda (RTP) are some of the songs he sang. I loved maakelara vicharam and dasaratha bala ramachandrayya especially. Sound engineering issues did neither dither the singers nor the audiences.

24 Dec 2008 – Odissi – Sonal Mansing

Lovely. My first brush with Odissi. The theme was panchakanya – Ahalya, Tara, Kundi, Mandothari & Draupati. While kundi episode depicted poignancy, anger was the highlight of Draupati. Every character / story is introduced by a crisp 2-3min speech im impeccable english and the dance followed.Amazing expression, subtle body language, engaging music kept us on good mood throughout.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December Music Season 2008 – Update 1

I wanted to attend one full season of December music for quite some time. But never had time to fulfill that. But this time, I did it due to recession. Self and my friend Mr.C attending concert / Kacheri in narada gana sabha, ttk road. I love Carnatic music but never learned so I cant identify Raagas but at the same time I am very familiar with lot of songs due to continuous listening. Mr.C is very much aware of raaga and hence, no issues in information.

17 Dec 2008: Vocal - T N Seshagopalan; Violin – V V Ravi; Mrudangam – Trichur Narendran

I went 30m late., hence not really enjoyed the concert.

18 Dec 2008: Vocal – Nithyasree Mahadevan; Violin – Hemalatha; Mrudangam – Neyveli Skandasubramaniam

Good concert. Sasivadana, Allal Enum, Un perumayai evar arivar & Ramakrishna govinda murare are the highlights of this concert.

19 Dec 2008: Vocal – K J Yesudas; Violin – Nagai Muralidharan; Mrudangam – K V Prasad

Average concert. As always, Yesudas impressed us through his devotional songs – like om enbathu omkaram, Harivarasanam Viswamohanam, Krishna nee begane, Innoru jenmam venduma; Solla vallaya kiliye and enna varam ketpen naane is something I listened first time and I fell in love with those song and lyrics. K V Prasad was full of smiles when he was performing and he was interacting with Yesudas nicely throughout.

20 Dec 2008: Vocal – P Unnikrishnan; Violin – S Varadarajan; Mrudangam – Mannargudi A Eswaran

Good concert. Lot of hand movement while singing; I loved the song "Sri Paramaguru" which was sung for 20m. By the way, have you noted the Unnikrishnan's Leg thumb finger movement while he performs?

21 Dec 2008 – Vocal – Aruna Sairam; Violin – Embar Kannan; - Mrudangam – Patri Sathish Kumar

Good concert by the biggest crowd puller of this season. Her concert tickets are getting sold like Rajinikant's movies; As usual, she sang one catchy kavadi sindhu before winding up. I could feel lot of improvement in her singing from last year.

22 Dec 2008 – Vocal – Ranjani & Gayathri ; Venue – Kamaraj Arangam

I went to this concert with zero expectation and I loved it fully. Excellent singing by both – Highlights – Marukelara oh raghava and Sharan Sharan ekanatha (Abhang).

22 Dec 2008 – Instrumental – Kadri Gopalnath; Venue – Kamaraj Arangam

Very good concert. Nagumo was the highlight. But his moresing man Bangalore Rajasekhar's expressive face is even more good. His capturing of Taala for every song reminds us of movie acting !

Y V Reddy is great - New York Times

I have written previously about Y V Reddy's great work as RBI Governor. Now read out the post from New York Times:

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lyrics of Anjala Anjala from Vaaranam Aayiram

Lyrics of Anjala Anjala from Vaaranam Aayiram

English translation of Anjala Anjala herewith:


Ava Enna Enna Thedi Vantha Anjala
Ava Neratha Paathu Sevakum Sevakum Vethala
Ava Azhaga Solla Vartha Kooda Pathala
Ada Ippo Ippo Enakkau Vendum Anjala
Ava Illa Illa Neruppu Thane Nenjila

Anjala came in search of me
Her complexion will make beetlenut to go red
Words are not enough to describe her beauty
I need anjala right away
Fire in my hearts without her

(Ava Enna Enna Thedi Vantha Anjala…)

O Onnu Kulla Onna, En Nenjikulla Ninna
O Konjam Konjam Aaga, Uyir Pichi Pichi Thinna
Ava Otha Vaartha Sonna, Athu Minnum Minnum Ponna
O Enna Solli Enna, Ava Makki Poana Manna
O Onnu Kulla Onna, En Nenjikulla Ninna
O Enna Solli Enna, Ava Makki Poana Manna

She mergeg and stood in my heart
she took my life bit by bit
one single word of her would glitter like gold
but what to do, she disappeared into sand
She merged into my heart
but what to do, she disappeared into sand

Charanam 1

Adanga Kuthiriya Pola, Ada Alanjavan Naane
Oru Poova Pola Poova Pola Marthivitaley
Padutha Thookamum Illa, En Kanavula Tholla
Antha Sozhi Pola Sozhi Pola Punnagayale
Ethuvo Engala Sertha Irukku Kayuthula Koarka
Oh Kannamuchi Aatamondru Aadi parthome
Thuniyal Kannayum Katti, Kaiya Katthula Neeti
Innum Thedura Avala, Thaniya Enge Ponalo
Thaniya Enge Ponalo
Thaniya Enge Ponalo

I was roaming like a untamed horse
she changed me like a flower
I lost my sleep, dreams were rattling thru
her flashy smile like a dice
something united us but she is playing hide and seek with me
covered my eyes with a ribbon
searching for her in the air thru by hand
where did she go alone
where did she go alone
where did she go alone

Ava Enna Enna Thedi Vantha Anjala...

Charanam 2

Vazhka Raatinam Thaanda, Thinam Suthudhu Jora,
Athu Mela Keezha Mela Keezha Kathuthu Thoda
Mudhal nal Uchathil Irunthaen
Naan Pothunu Vizhundaen
Oru Meena Pola Meena Pola, Tharayila Nelinjen
Yaaro Koodave Varuva, Yaaro Paathiyil Povaar
Athu Yaaru Enna Onnum Namma Kayyil Illaye…
Velicham Thanthathu Oruthi, Avala Irutula Niruthi
Joora Payanatha Kelappi, Thaniya Enge Ponalo
Thaniya Enge Ponalo
Thaniya Enge Ponalo

Life is a roller coaster, rotating tirelessly everyday
goes up and down goes up and down
I was on top of the world
Next day, fallen from my grace
I felt like fish out of water
Some one comes along, parts in between
who would do, when will they go - is not in our hand
she gave light, i keep in my heart
she started my journey - but
where did she go alone
where did she go alone
where did she go alone

Ava Enna Enna Thedi Vantha Anjala....

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vadivelu as Project Manager - 1

Vadivelu dons the role of Project manager in my blog…. Now read this out…. Inspired from his Giri comedy (enna nallavannu sollittan) :

Vadivelu (Project Manager of a Big IT firm) went for an on-site client meeting and gets butchered for failed to meet SLAs and delay in deliverables. Vadivelu is given 30m to discuss with delivery and support head to revert. So., Vadivelu is on a conference call with Delivery and Support Head….

Delivery head: What vadivelu, how much time were you able to buy?

Vadivelu: How can I dear? They blasted me really hard. I am still sweating out.

Support Head: What happened? Who were all in the meeting?

Vadivelu: First, account manager and his 3 team members were only there. They took the defect list and shouted at me for 45 minutes. Then, the customer service head came. He spoke to me in good tamil and enquired about whether I want to have coffee or tea. I told him, coffee. But believe me - nothing came. He also started shouting at me and shared some of the customer' nasty statements for 1 hour. They, every one got tired and went off from the room.

Delivery Head: Oh ! Good that you escaped from the branch representative !

Vadivelu: oh no…. wait wait wait… they all came back again in 10m and asked me to specify clearly what our on-site folks were capable off… are they freshers or techies or just parked for presence? Then, I tried to pacify them… But….

Support Head: (Curiously) What happened?

Vadivelu: Some one came in and reminded that booking for meeting room is over... I was so relieved hearing that and it is my lunch time too! (Sobbing a bit)…. But it evaporated in a 2 minutes when they took me to another meeting room near gents toilet ! & They started all over again without even offering me a sandwich

DH & SH: oh shit…

Vadivelu: In just 15 min, the branch representative also joined for blasting session. He pulled some 10 of his team members on con-call. They screwed me for 90m or so….. How long I will also act that as if it is not painful? (now almost crying)

Delivery Head: Its okay dear…. I will buy you a drink when you come back…. Just buy some 10 days or so for now and come back….

Support Head: Customers always buzzdoze the vendor., you don't lose heart and focus on buying timeline….

Vadivelu: @#$%&*

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Funny Song on Home Loan EMIs

Serious Definition of EMI Payment:

You take a loan from bank; They will give a payment schedule; They adjust your payment against loan books; Most of your EMI payments goes into interest adjustment and little portion of your payments gets adjusted against principal outstanding;

So you keep paying for 3 years and realise that principal outstanding never comes down and wonder where your EMI payment goes !!!!!

Now I borrowed liberally from Anbe Anbe song from Dhaam Dhoom to express our despair on the loan statement which we receive every year :)

Tamil version:

Nee Nee vattiyai yethikitte poga
Naan naan udan katupattu nadakka
Indha loan-ai ennikavadhu adaithiduvene
sambalam muzhudum enadhey
Yedhai koduthom yedhai yedhuthom
Theriyavillai kanakku
Yengu tholainthom engu
Kidaithom puriyavillai namakku

English translation:

You keep raising interest rate
I keep obliging
some day i will repay my loan
and would enjoy my salary credit
what did i give, what did i take
i never got into my mind
what did i lose, what did i get
i never understood

Trust, you guys enjoyed my version :)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Satyam's wrong move

Satyam computers is part of Nifty and is one of India's top 5 IT companies !

What a mess they created on a peaceful Dec 16th evening ! They announced buyout of Maytas into Satyam at a price of 1.6billion.

Whats wrong in this?

Raju's are minority share holders of Satyam and Satyam is widely held by instituitions. They are also promoters of Maytas. This move seen as pumping cash into promoter's hands from Satyam ! Stock prices were hit mercilessly in US ADR and Satyam swiftly withdrew the move.

If Satyam has got hugh cash as reserves, why cant they declare high dividend or buy small IT companies? Why are they trying to pay themselves? Is Maytas starved of cash?

Who adviced on this great move and who decided in this mindless episode is something management should answer. It left a bad taste in corporate governance. Satyam has lost its credential and unlikely to recover for another two years !

Monday, December 15, 2008

Lovely Evening Snack Places of Chennai

  • I thought I will list out some of the good restaurents of Chennai which serve sumptuous snack / tiffen items for the evening… Evening means between 4pm to 7pm to me J
Try it out…. I recently visited these places so I can say the list is good – I think these items are best prepared in the following places than others !!!
  • New Woodlands, Cathedral Road – Mangalore Bonda, Uppuma
  • Gangotri, Cathedral Road – North Indian snack items, sweets
  • Sri Krishna Sweets, Pondy Bazaar – Masala Boli, Filter Coffee
  • Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Peters Road – Mini Tiffen, Rava Kesari, Medu Vadai, Raw banana Chips and Filter Coffee with more sugar
  • Sangeetha Hotel, Sterling Road – Vendhaya Dosai, Vada Kari, Filter Coffee
  • Raja Bhavan, Sterling Road – Dosa, Idly
  • Murugan Idly Kadai, GN Chetty Road – Dosa, Idly, Oothappam
  • Mansukh, T. Nagar – North Indian snack items
  • Hotel Saravana Bhavan, Mylapore – Adai Avial, Kaara Dosa, Rava Idly, Raw banana Chips & Filter Coffee
  • Adyar Anandha Bhavan, Adyar – Adai Avial, Kaara Kozhakattai, Filter Coffee
  • Palmgrove, Nungambakkam – Assorted Bajji, dosa varieties
  • Shree Mithai, Chetpet & Spencers – North Indian snack items with Badam Milk
  • MG Road, Nungambakkam – Near Citibank ATM – Paani Puri (road side)
  • Sangeetha Hotel, R A Puram – Dosa items, puri, Filter Coffee

  • Carnival - Cake Shop, C P Ramasamy Road – Sandwiches

  • Beeda @ Calcutta paan shop – just before Ganpat hotel, Nungambakkam
Update Jan 2, 2010

  • Noodles Samosa at hotel saravana bhavan (Mylapore, Venkatnarayan road)
  • Hotel Sudha, Egmore - Old udipi hotel - all south indian breakfast items are very very good

Saturday, December 13, 2008

MRF Tyredrome – Chennai completes 19 years

Do you know that MRF tyredrome completes 19 years today?

It is the only spot for Robotic car wash and is located in heart of Chennai (Cathedral Road – just before Music Academy). They charge around Rs.225/- for a car wash. You can relax in an A/C room while they clean up your car or you can catch your lunch at Amaravati located opposite J

Do you know that you can fill Nitrogen (N2) for your tubeless tyres over there?

FYI… N2 is filled for aircraft tyres, N2 comes for around 60 – 80 days whereas your normal air lasts for hardly 2-3 weeks ! N2 is also good for Car rims…. If you have not tried so far…. Do it now…. And make a little difference for your beloved car !

Each tyre would be charged at Rs.40/- and top-up of N2 would be charged Rs.10/= thereafter.

Do you also know that it is the best place to check your wheel balancing act in town?



Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Recession & Entertainment

Recession is looming large on us. So what will happen to entertainment? My take as follows:


  1. No issues for Middle class food joints – Be it McD, Pizza corner in USA or our own Saravana Bhavan, Woodlands or gangotri. After all, these places would become hot meeting places to discuss the future plan of action.
  2. Costly wine and dine restaurents – they are likely to face some 20 to 30% traffic slow down
  3. Low cost beer pubs – they are likely to survive the slow down as they also become hot meeting places
  4. Star based movies (like Ghajini, Rab Ne Banadi Jodi) and comedies would have strong possibility of survival than serious movies as people look out for strong entertainment than some "advice / sentiment" factors.
  5. So., multiplexes would face very different atmosphere – star based movies would have a bumper opening whereas normal movies would have very slow pick up – in contrast;
  6. Sports (around 3 hours duration) events are unlikely to face substantial slow down in audience participation – the effect would be marginal – around 15% or so;
  7. SPAs and Resorts might have to cut prices to lure more walk-ins than ever before.
  8. Sex might become a cheapest entertainment L

Monday, December 8, 2008

some english movie dialogues i liked

From Die Another Day
Scene: First meeting between Bond and Halle Berry on the beach !

Halle berry comes out of beach to the shore and bond spots her.
Bond: Magnificient view
Halle Berry: it is, isn't it?
Bond: too bad its lost like everybody else
You should try and offers a drink
Halle Berry: my friends call me jinx...
Bond: My friends call me James Bond, Jinx you say
Halle Berry: born on friday, the 13th?
Bond: You believe in bad luck?
Halle Berry: Lets just say Our relationship don't seem to last
Bond: hmmm... i know the feeling. (glancing the hunters) The predators usually appear at sun set
Halle Berry: and why is that?
Bond: thats when their prey comes out to drink. too strong for you? (referring the drink)
Halle Berry: (with a big smile) I can learn to like it, if i have time
Bond: Hw much time have you got?
Halle Berry: Until Dawn... what about u?
Bond: oh... I am just here for the birds., ornitologist..
Halle Berry: ornitologist..ah. wow
wow here is the mouthful. so you are going to be busy tonight with the owls?
Bond: no., nothing to see till the morning. Neithere are they anymore
Halle Berry: (with a wry smile) What do you predators do... when the sun goes down?
Bond: They feast like there is no tomorrow

No reward for guessing what could have been the next scene although !!!
From The Italian Job

John Bridger: I have sent it
Charlie Croker: you were supposed to do your shopping after we pull off the job
John Bridger: i feel so optimistic
Charlie Croker: so?
John Bridger: how do you feel
Charlie Croker: i am fine
John Bridger:fine?
you know what fine stands for, dont you?
Charlie Croker: yeah, unfortunately.
John Bridger: freaked out, insecure, neurotic and emotional
John Bridger: trust everyone, but dont trust the devil inside them !
John Bridger: you know charlie, there are two kinds of theives in the world the ones who steal to enrich their lives and the ones who steal to define their lives and dont be the latter !

Guru Peyarchi & Sensex

Stock market would stage a smart upward rally in the coming days. Sensex might go upto 10200 levels. Enjoy the effect of Guru Peyarchi !

Friday, December 5, 2008

Action Replay

1. Terror Attack happens in India
2. India blames elements in Pak
3. Issues strong statements to Pak
4. Pak rejects claims
5. India summons some official and hands over suspected militant list for handover
6. Pak rejects claims
7. US official condemns issues strong statements while in India against Pak
8. & softens same statements while in Pak
9. then, everyone forgets
10. US goes on giving millions of aid
12. India goes on cribbing
13. Nothing material happens until another major attack happens
14. Action replay all over again when next terror attack happens !!!

Mudiyalai.... I wonder why the suspect list names has not changed over the period and remains the same !!!

Even listening to Ramayanam & mahabharatham sounds bit more interesting than news !!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Global Recession - Now official !

Its now official - US has entered recession in Dec 2007 and all the statistics confirmed that !

Chinese manufacturing data injected severe fear yesterday and it is almost certain that Europe, US, Japan, Singapore entered recession too.

What does this mean to India?

India's GDP would considerably slow down - already exports are down by 12%, fiscal deficit balooning, automobile sales considerably down; So, just ignore the pep statements of P Chidambaram and Montek Singh; India would be entering troubled waters starting this October;

If our folks employed in USA, Europe comes back retrenched, it would add considerable pressure to local situation. Otherwise, we might manage to just float in 2009.

As a investor, do invest in fixed deposits, bonds - ignore stock market, commodity market for now. Buy Gold only if it dips around 625 - 650 USD. Relax and cut down your expenses, avoid impulse shopping and save your money to buy things in discount.