Monday, December 8, 2008

some english movie dialogues i liked

From Die Another Day
Scene: First meeting between Bond and Halle Berry on the beach !

Halle berry comes out of beach to the shore and bond spots her.
Bond: Magnificient view
Halle Berry: it is, isn't it?
Bond: too bad its lost like everybody else
You should try and offers a drink
Halle Berry: my friends call me jinx...
Bond: My friends call me James Bond, Jinx you say
Halle Berry: born on friday, the 13th?
Bond: You believe in bad luck?
Halle Berry: Lets just say Our relationship don't seem to last
Bond: hmmm... i know the feeling. (glancing the hunters) The predators usually appear at sun set
Halle Berry: and why is that?
Bond: thats when their prey comes out to drink. too strong for you? (referring the drink)
Halle Berry: (with a big smile) I can learn to like it, if i have time
Bond: Hw much time have you got?
Halle Berry: Until Dawn... what about u?
Bond: oh... I am just here for the birds., ornitologist..
Halle Berry: ornitologist..ah. wow
wow here is the mouthful. so you are going to be busy tonight with the owls?
Bond: no., nothing to see till the morning. Neithere are they anymore
Halle Berry: (with a wry smile) What do you predators do... when the sun goes down?
Bond: They feast like there is no tomorrow

No reward for guessing what could have been the next scene although !!!
From The Italian Job

John Bridger: I have sent it
Charlie Croker: you were supposed to do your shopping after we pull off the job
John Bridger: i feel so optimistic
Charlie Croker: so?
John Bridger: how do you feel
Charlie Croker: i am fine
John Bridger:fine?
you know what fine stands for, dont you?
Charlie Croker: yeah, unfortunately.
John Bridger: freaked out, insecure, neurotic and emotional
John Bridger: trust everyone, but dont trust the devil inside them !
John Bridger: you know charlie, there are two kinds of theives in the world the ones who steal to enrich their lives and the ones who steal to define their lives and dont be the latter !

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