Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Recession & Entertainment

Recession is looming large on us. So what will happen to entertainment? My take as follows:


  1. No issues for Middle class food joints – Be it McD, Pizza corner in USA or our own Saravana Bhavan, Woodlands or gangotri. After all, these places would become hot meeting places to discuss the future plan of action.
  2. Costly wine and dine restaurents – they are likely to face some 20 to 30% traffic slow down
  3. Low cost beer pubs – they are likely to survive the slow down as they also become hot meeting places
  4. Star based movies (like Ghajini, Rab Ne Banadi Jodi) and comedies would have strong possibility of survival than serious movies as people look out for strong entertainment than some "advice / sentiment" factors.
  5. So., multiplexes would face very different atmosphere – star based movies would have a bumper opening whereas normal movies would have very slow pick up – in contrast;
  6. Sports (around 3 hours duration) events are unlikely to face substantial slow down in audience participation – the effect would be marginal – around 15% or so;
  7. SPAs and Resorts might have to cut prices to lure more walk-ins than ever before.
  8. Sex might become a cheapest entertainment L

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  1. haha..i think number nine should be that gandhi class in theaters will return...btw.. nice blog..nice posts