Saturday, December 13, 2008

MRF Tyredrome – Chennai completes 19 years

Do you know that MRF tyredrome completes 19 years today?

It is the only spot for Robotic car wash and is located in heart of Chennai (Cathedral Road – just before Music Academy). They charge around Rs.225/- for a car wash. You can relax in an A/C room while they clean up your car or you can catch your lunch at Amaravati located opposite J

Do you know that you can fill Nitrogen (N2) for your tubeless tyres over there?

FYI… N2 is filled for aircraft tyres, N2 comes for around 60 – 80 days whereas your normal air lasts for hardly 2-3 weeks ! N2 is also good for Car rims…. If you have not tried so far…. Do it now…. And make a little difference for your beloved car !

Each tyre would be charged at Rs.40/- and top-up of N2 would be charged Rs.10/= thereafter.

Do you also know that it is the best place to check your wheel balancing act in town?




  1. Ganju Mama - I was searching for a Car Wash and came upon your article!
    Wow - thanks for that info !