Friday, December 5, 2008

Action Replay

1. Terror Attack happens in India
2. India blames elements in Pak
3. Issues strong statements to Pak
4. Pak rejects claims
5. India summons some official and hands over suspected militant list for handover
6. Pak rejects claims
7. US official condemns issues strong statements while in India against Pak
8. & softens same statements while in Pak
9. then, everyone forgets
10. US goes on giving millions of aid
12. India goes on cribbing
13. Nothing material happens until another major attack happens
14. Action replay all over again when next terror attack happens !!!

Mudiyalai.... I wonder why the suspect list names has not changed over the period and remains the same !!!

Even listening to Ramayanam & mahabharatham sounds bit more interesting than news !!!

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