Thursday, December 25, 2008

December Music Season 2008 – Update 2

Venue: Narada Gana Sabha

23 Dec 2008 – Vocal – Sanjay Subramaniam; Violin – Nagai Muralidharan; Mrudangam – Patri Sathishkumar

Excellent concert. Ongi Ulagalandha, Kaalai thooki nindradum, Alanaadu, Isai paada vendumey are some of the songs he sang. Alanaadu in Thodi was mesmerizing and he just made people to hook it on so easily and held the control on through the concert. The crowd showered him with affectionate applauses. Govinda alalem mangai manaala vaa was another damn good song he sang and I loved. In fact, I started even imagining that song in fusion, percussion type while sipping coffee.

24 Dec 2008 – Vocal – T M Krishna; Violin – Mysore Manjunath; Mrudangam – Trichy Sankaran

Excellent Concert. Ayyappan avadharitha, maakelara vicharam, sri guru kula murthy (udayaravi chandrika raagam), vinaradhana manaveer, mari mari nine with karuna govinda (RTP) are some of the songs he sang. I loved maakelara vicharam and dasaratha bala ramachandrayya especially. Sound engineering issues did neither dither the singers nor the audiences.

24 Dec 2008 – Odissi – Sonal Mansing

Lovely. My first brush with Odissi. The theme was panchakanya – Ahalya, Tara, Kundi, Mandothari & Draupati. While kundi episode depicted poignancy, anger was the highlight of Draupati. Every character / story is introduced by a crisp 2-3min speech im impeccable english and the dance followed.Amazing expression, subtle body language, engaging music kept us on good mood throughout.

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