Sunday, December 28, 2008

December Music Season – Update 4

Venue: Narada Gana Sabha

26 Dec 2008 – Vocal – T V Sankaranarayanan; Violin – H K Venkatraman; Mrudangam – Tanjore Murugabhopathy

Good concert. Some of songs were: Gajananam, sfri naradha, sri guru praba, abaya varadhe saradhe (Hindolam), Saroja nala nethri (shankarabharanam), Karpooran narumo & venkatajala nilayam. For his age, he sang very well and sounded fully passionate. 65% of the hall was occupied and it looked like it was filled up with his fans that seemed to have enjoyed the concert fully. I liked it.

26 Dec 2008 – Ganesh, Kumaresh & Jayanthi Kumaresh

Bad Concert. Looked like one quite an unprepared concert. They failed miserably to keep the attention of listeners at the end.

27 Dec 2008 – Vocal – Ranjani & Gayathri; Violin – Charulatha (?); Mrudangam – Manoj Siva

Excellent Concert. Some of the songs were:Vallava nayaga, palil, nava siddhi petralum, sri kamakoti peeta, nee kelara, anjile ondru petran. I simply loved the song anandha bairavi unai allal aarabi specifically. The crowed guessed the song, raaga and hence, the built up was very enjoyable. Kudos the college going like Violinist Charu ended up playing her role very well.

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