Thursday, December 18, 2008

Funny Song on Home Loan EMIs

Serious Definition of EMI Payment:

You take a loan from bank; They will give a payment schedule; They adjust your payment against loan books; Most of your EMI payments goes into interest adjustment and little portion of your payments gets adjusted against principal outstanding;

So you keep paying for 3 years and realise that principal outstanding never comes down and wonder where your EMI payment goes !!!!!

Now I borrowed liberally from Anbe Anbe song from Dhaam Dhoom to express our despair on the loan statement which we receive every year :)

Tamil version:

Nee Nee vattiyai yethikitte poga
Naan naan udan katupattu nadakka
Indha loan-ai ennikavadhu adaithiduvene
sambalam muzhudum enadhey
Yedhai koduthom yedhai yedhuthom
Theriyavillai kanakku
Yengu tholainthom engu
Kidaithom puriyavillai namakku

English translation:

You keep raising interest rate
I keep obliging
some day i will repay my loan
and would enjoy my salary credit
what did i give, what did i take
i never got into my mind
what did i lose, what did i get
i never understood

Trust, you guys enjoyed my version :)


  1. Your Song seems FAR more realistic to listen to in these times than these mokkai Love songs ...
    DAN Q !!!!

  2. Thank you. Do continue your patronage !