Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December Music Season Update - Final

Venue: Narada Gana Sabha

30 Dec 2008 – Vocal - Sudha Raghunathan; Violin R K Sriram Kumar

Excellent concert. Some of songs were: Sri jalandharam, karuna jooda vamma (thodi), rama rama payasage (pandhuvarali), mrudanga thalamu (sri ranjani), sathurdasya ragamalika, arul seyya venumayya (rasigapriya), kandha un aadhara vindham thunai, thaye gopalakrishnan yasodha, jagadho vaaraname. It was little sloppy in the beginning but picked up admirably during second half. Kandha was the pick of the day.

The sad part of the day was the body language of violinist Sriram who behaved as if he is playing music on sudha's private reception. He hardly turned and looked at the crowd !

Some general observation of mine on this season:

1. 80% of the crowd consists of oldies.... They are extremely good and knowledgeable in carnatic music. They come early and they keep their cell phones in silent mode. They share musical information. Good company indeed !

2. Singers should look at the crowd for the first 2 songs to get the feedback on mike / sound.

3. Why dont the sabha's keep some dust bins reachable?

4. Sabha should introduce the musicians before the start of kacheri.

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