Monday, March 31, 2008

Injury Scare for Cricket India

Gloster filed one super negative report about fitness before his last working day with BCCI.

Sachin Tendulkar disputed the story at that time... and he is out of second test due to injury... Nothing can be said about Zaheer, RP Singh, Kumble, Ishant etc...

Sad State indeed.... Idhukku than thayir saadam mattum sapdathey-nnu sonnen :)

RBI Governer Reddy & his policy

Let me congratulate Mr Reddy for his long sighted policy moves...


Finance Minister Mr. P Chidambaram wanted cut in interest rates for the past one year to fuel the growth. He told in all sort of forum but Mr Reddy didnt take the cue from the FM saying that Inflation is a concern. Both of them repeated their stand for the past one year thereby indicating conflicting ideas between RBI & Finance Ministry.

Current Trend:

Inflation touched record high of 6.68 last friday. If the real fuel prices are passed on to customers, the real inflation could have been around 8.5% in my opinion.
Now the experts are talking about interest rate hike to tame inflation !!!!!

Point to Note:

1. Reddy acted with long term vision and hence no short term decisions were taken. He was abused in media by "experts" and Mr Reddy proved to be having last laugh on his critics. I salute your great show Sir...
2. Finance Minister proved to be a politician rather than a economist.
3. Finance Minister is in real trouble for not taking any concrete action to tame inflation or control of food prices in the last 2-3 years. He wasted last three years by not reforming, disinvesting etc... and earned all the bad name for inflation.
4. It is a huge dis-advantage to Congress during poll year and his farmer loan waiver could be forgotten too fast.

Dosa for Kids

Every married couple knows how difficult to make kids eat…

My wife tries some methods which make our life little simpler… See below for the star fish & goat shaped dosas :)

I am sure that we are not the first one to try these things... Kudos to good spirits of every mom !!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

India Vs SA - Chennai First Test Match

I watched the first test match between India and South Africa from Coromandel Cement Stand (H) on 3rd and 4th day. It was the first attempt from my side to venture into crowds and I enjoyed it fully.

On Cricket:

Lovely to see Sehwag scoring a triple hundred. He was at ease and punched all around the park. He never seemed to be under pressure whereas he put the bowlers under severe test. Dravid was normal and played at his own pace. Great third day indeed.

Play turned upside down on fourth day and South african bowlers took the match under control and dismissed India. I thought India would go and score 700 runs or so but it turned out to be "No Way". Couldnt understand why players like Sachin, Ganguly , Laxman & Dhoni didnt play their natural game and acted as if they are under pressure.

Come on guys.. where is the pressure when you are near "scores level" ?

On Stadium:

Nothing much to say. All I can say, choose Canara bank, IOB or Coromandel stand for good view of the pitch and if you want to avoid the hot sun effect to reasonable extent.

Free for all male toilets..very transparent without any partition. Bisibelabath, Melaga bajji, Curd Rice, Vada available all over the stadium.

No Queue system during lunch and tea breaks. But "outpass" concept was damn good and using that one can get out of stadium anytime and come back. No real checking by security guards... I could spot lot of people sneaked in with digi cams even though it is prohibited under rule.

Good to see posters on discrimination (effect of symond - monkey episode) !!!!!!

On People:

Genrally noisy. And players who came to boundary line greeted fully. Everyone is so curious to come on TV definitely. One poster "Multan Sultan is now Chiranjeevi of Chennai".


1. Enna Sir.. Sehwag 300 adippana? (when Sehwag was at 285)... reply came: adicha pottuduvan... (what a reply :) )

2. Generally, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman were most cursed players from the spectator's point of view.

Final Conclusion:

If one likes cricket and if one can tolerate maximum noise, pls do visit the stadium once. It gives a real "feel good" factor.

Thanks once again to Radio One for giving the ticket as "contest winner"; Good selection folks... especially for the "H" Stand.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

chennai cricket

I am going to watch the first test match between India Vs South Africa - live at chennai cheupak stadium. Do check out for my detailed update by week end about my experience. Thanks to - Radio One 94.3 contest.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Some chennai events

1. What to say... heavy rains lashed Tamil Nadu. Tuticorin recorded the heaviest rain in the past 25 years. Chennai's quota was for couple of days. What to say...
I like the effect the climate change :)

2. AIADMK lawyer joined DMK. He quit Jaya for not getting re-nomination for rajya sabha. But i would say, this could be a dangerous move for Jaya due to Jothi's possession of litigation secrets. DMK's vengence mind is highly popular for those who follow TN politics. Look what is happening with Vijaykant's farm land....

3. Times of India is going to launched chennai edition as a morning daily sometime in april. Heavy door to door marketing for subscription is being witnessed.

F1 - Sepang

Lovely race in Sepang. Sad to see the mechanical issue with Massa's car and without that Ferrari would have had a best possible race.

Monday, March 17, 2008

F1 - Australia

Australia F1 - Turned out to be a miserable race indeed. So many accidents – the one involving Timo Glock was really bad. Felt very happy to note that his health was in tact.

Ferradi, Force India, Red Bull had a dismal week end. Rosberg had a great finish. I somehow liked the way Heikki Kovalainen drove.

By the way, I liked the new Honda commercial showing all their product range (shown during the race).

Coffee Break

Investor: Sir… You are following market for a long period. Tell me what's happening…

Stock Pandit: US is in recession, bcoz of which some loans of banks have gone bad. So., US market is very weak. All the other markets sneeze when US get cold. That's why.

Investor: hmmm… good time to buy now? The market has come down quite a bit.

Stock Pandit: Not really. Actually, it is quite complex. Interest rates are cut that's why commodities are going up and currencies are dropping. Hence, profitability would be affected. Huge panic in stock market, no one wants to buy stocks… kind of untouchable L;

Investor: So, u mean to say, whatever we do, we will end up in loss, huh? LLL

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Some titbits:

1. Saw the chilling lahore attack gate crash video in the news channels today and feeling little disturbed.

2. Newyorker Spitzer - Resigned after exposed from a sex scandal. He was a successful state attorney general for 8 years before becoming mayor. Very foolish act of money transaction for his background.

3. What more goodies would come out Ben Bernanke? I am little sceptical about interest rate cuts after mar 18 fed meeting.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

F1 - 2008 Series

Formula 1 - Series 2008

2008 Season of Formula One on the way and it is going to be a magic march. I am very curious to see how the teams would perform on the field without any new scams :)

I feel, Hamilton would break the rookie shackles and emerge as a champion. I do not expect Kimi to let the fans down in 2008. He has to demonstrate the "finish it" attitude atleast this year... after all he has the best car to achieve it !!!

Alonso is coming to 2008 season with Hamilton baggage and it is to be seen how he gets out of it. Not expecting much from force india team atleast in the first 6-8 races.

Malaysian Election Results

Malaysian Election Results

National Front of Malaysia is ruling the country for the last 40 years and only once they lost two thirds of majority so far.

It looks like they are all set to scramble for the majority this time. Ethnic tamils and chinese casted their vote against the national front in a big way and the ruling party lost 4-5 states to opposition.

I personally feel, this kind of dramatic results could not be achieved alone by rebels and instead even the malais themselves must have voted against the government. One hindraf leader won the election from Jail... No mean feet at all.

Eye Opening Results !!! The government should learn from the outcome and do something really material to the people atleast hereafter.

Chennai Port Trust

Chennai Port Trust - in Chaos

Chennai port trust is struggling to handle the load of import and export. One can see a long queue near Marina stretch.

Looks like around 10 ships moved out to other ports to download the good instead of waiting to be cleared by chennai port.

Wait period can go anywhere between 8 to 15 days.

Who will rectify this situation?

Coffee Break

Discussion between Vegetable vendor & Naughty Rahul

Vendor: Amma... Vegetables?

Naughty Rahul: Innikku Venanga...

Vendor: Nalla, super-ana Keerai irukku thambi.. ammava kelu...

Naughty Rahul: Enakku Chips than pidikkum. Naan adha thaan saapiduven. Enakku vegetables venam... Bye...

Vendor: !!!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

CB Series Triumph


It gives immense pleasure to be on top over world champs.

Confidence boosting CB Series triumph - without Ganguly & Dravid; With Sreesanth & Irfan Pathan :)

Good show indeed by Indian cricket team. Hats Off !!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Stock market outlook - March 2008

Stock market is under tremendous pressure, fear, pessimism, caution etc... People are not simply jumping to go and invest in equities...

So Sensex is likely to test low levels like 14700 over next two months.

Farmer loan write-off

Congress goverment in India decided to write-off loans worth 60,000 Crores or 15billion USD. Farmers are delighted. Banks are scratching their heads as of now to figure out how to handle their cash flows over years to adjust this move.

My point of view is something different. I dont think farmers commit suicide due to loans owed to banks instead they are forced to commit suicide due to local goondas or thugs or private lenders. Private lenders lend money at high interest rates and they hire people to recover money by "all kind of methods".

People generally borrow money from friends, relatives or private lenders more than banks. I honestly feel this waiver would benefit rich farmers more than the real poor, affected farmer.

Anyway, government cannot do anything for people who borrow money in others ways !!!