Sunday, March 30, 2008

India Vs SA - Chennai First Test Match

I watched the first test match between India and South Africa from Coromandel Cement Stand (H) on 3rd and 4th day. It was the first attempt from my side to venture into crowds and I enjoyed it fully.

On Cricket:

Lovely to see Sehwag scoring a triple hundred. He was at ease and punched all around the park. He never seemed to be under pressure whereas he put the bowlers under severe test. Dravid was normal and played at his own pace. Great third day indeed.

Play turned upside down on fourth day and South african bowlers took the match under control and dismissed India. I thought India would go and score 700 runs or so but it turned out to be "No Way". Couldnt understand why players like Sachin, Ganguly , Laxman & Dhoni didnt play their natural game and acted as if they are under pressure.

Come on guys.. where is the pressure when you are near "scores level" ?

On Stadium:

Nothing much to say. All I can say, choose Canara bank, IOB or Coromandel stand for good view of the pitch and if you want to avoid the hot sun effect to reasonable extent.

Free for all male toilets..very transparent without any partition. Bisibelabath, Melaga bajji, Curd Rice, Vada available all over the stadium.

No Queue system during lunch and tea breaks. But "outpass" concept was damn good and using that one can get out of stadium anytime and come back. No real checking by security guards... I could spot lot of people sneaked in with digi cams even though it is prohibited under rule.

Good to see posters on discrimination (effect of symond - monkey episode) !!!!!!

On People:

Genrally noisy. And players who came to boundary line greeted fully. Everyone is so curious to come on TV definitely. One poster "Multan Sultan is now Chiranjeevi of Chennai".


1. Enna Sir.. Sehwag 300 adippana? (when Sehwag was at 285)... reply came: adicha pottuduvan... (what a reply :) )

2. Generally, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman were most cursed players from the spectator's point of view.

Final Conclusion:

If one likes cricket and if one can tolerate maximum noise, pls do visit the stadium once. It gives a real "feel good" factor.

Thanks once again to Radio One for giving the ticket as "contest winner"; Good selection folks... especially for the "H" Stand.

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