Monday, March 31, 2008

Dosa for Kids

Every married couple knows how difficult to make kids eat…

My wife tries some methods which make our life little simpler… See below for the star fish & goat shaped dosas :)

I am sure that we are not the first one to try these things... Kudos to good spirits of every mom !!!


  1. Oh no, you are not the first one. And won't be the last one either.
    My four-year-old will NOT eat a white colored, round dosa ever. It has to be either shaped like a fish, flower, duck or star, or colored red (ground beetroot) or green (ground coriander).
    And Idlys must have a ketchup smiley face on them. I draw the smiley with ketchum taken in a medicine dropper.
    Try it.

  2. I agree with husband makes valentine shaped pancakes for my daughters eventhough they are well beyond typical 5yrs old!

  3. Welcome Lata. I think, kids are kids until they are around 10 or so !!!