Saturday, December 20, 2008

Vadivelu as Project Manager - 1

Vadivelu dons the role of Project manager in my blog…. Now read this out…. Inspired from his Giri comedy (enna nallavannu sollittan) :

Vadivelu (Project Manager of a Big IT firm) went for an on-site client meeting and gets butchered for failed to meet SLAs and delay in deliverables. Vadivelu is given 30m to discuss with delivery and support head to revert. So., Vadivelu is on a conference call with Delivery and Support Head….

Delivery head: What vadivelu, how much time were you able to buy?

Vadivelu: How can I dear? They blasted me really hard. I am still sweating out.

Support Head: What happened? Who were all in the meeting?

Vadivelu: First, account manager and his 3 team members were only there. They took the defect list and shouted at me for 45 minutes. Then, the customer service head came. He spoke to me in good tamil and enquired about whether I want to have coffee or tea. I told him, coffee. But believe me - nothing came. He also started shouting at me and shared some of the customer' nasty statements for 1 hour. They, every one got tired and went off from the room.

Delivery Head: Oh ! Good that you escaped from the branch representative !

Vadivelu: oh no…. wait wait wait… they all came back again in 10m and asked me to specify clearly what our on-site folks were capable off… are they freshers or techies or just parked for presence? Then, I tried to pacify them… But….

Support Head: (Curiously) What happened?

Vadivelu: Some one came in and reminded that booking for meeting room is over... I was so relieved hearing that and it is my lunch time too! (Sobbing a bit)…. But it evaporated in a 2 minutes when they took me to another meeting room near gents toilet ! & They started all over again without even offering me a sandwich

DH & SH: oh shit…

Vadivelu: In just 15 min, the branch representative also joined for blasting session. He pulled some 10 of his team members on con-call. They screwed me for 90m or so….. How long I will also act that as if it is not painful? (now almost crying)

Delivery Head: Its okay dear…. I will buy you a drink when you come back…. Just buy some 10 days or so for now and come back….

Support Head: Customers always buzzdoze the vendor., you don't lose heart and focus on buying timeline….

Vadivelu: @#$%&*

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