Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December Music Season 2008 – Update 1

I wanted to attend one full season of December music for quite some time. But never had time to fulfill that. But this time, I did it due to recession. Self and my friend Mr.C attending concert / Kacheri in narada gana sabha, ttk road. I love Carnatic music but never learned so I cant identify Raagas but at the same time I am very familiar with lot of songs due to continuous listening. Mr.C is very much aware of raaga and hence, no issues in information.

17 Dec 2008: Vocal - T N Seshagopalan; Violin – V V Ravi; Mrudangam – Trichur Narendran

I went 30m late., hence not really enjoyed the concert.

18 Dec 2008: Vocal – Nithyasree Mahadevan; Violin – Hemalatha; Mrudangam – Neyveli Skandasubramaniam

Good concert. Sasivadana, Allal Enum, Un perumayai evar arivar & Ramakrishna govinda murare are the highlights of this concert.

19 Dec 2008: Vocal – K J Yesudas; Violin – Nagai Muralidharan; Mrudangam – K V Prasad

Average concert. As always, Yesudas impressed us through his devotional songs – like om enbathu omkaram, Harivarasanam Viswamohanam, Krishna nee begane, Innoru jenmam venduma; Solla vallaya kiliye and enna varam ketpen naane is something I listened first time and I fell in love with those song and lyrics. K V Prasad was full of smiles when he was performing and he was interacting with Yesudas nicely throughout.

20 Dec 2008: Vocal – P Unnikrishnan; Violin – S Varadarajan; Mrudangam – Mannargudi A Eswaran

Good concert. Lot of hand movement while singing; I loved the song "Sri Paramaguru" which was sung for 20m. By the way, have you noted the Unnikrishnan's Leg thumb finger movement while he performs?

21 Dec 2008 – Vocal – Aruna Sairam; Violin – Embar Kannan; - Mrudangam – Patri Sathish Kumar

Good concert by the biggest crowd puller of this season. Her concert tickets are getting sold like Rajinikant's movies; As usual, she sang one catchy kavadi sindhu before winding up. I could feel lot of improvement in her singing from last year.

22 Dec 2008 – Vocal – Ranjani & Gayathri ; Venue – Kamaraj Arangam

I went to this concert with zero expectation and I loved it fully. Excellent singing by both – Highlights – Marukelara oh raghava and Sharan Sharan ekanatha (Abhang).

22 Dec 2008 – Instrumental – Kadri Gopalnath; Venue – Kamaraj Arangam

Very good concert. Nagumo was the highlight. But his moresing man Bangalore Rajasekhar's expressive face is even more good. His capturing of Taala for every song reminds us of movie acting !


  1. Hello, as you can see this is my first post here.
    In first steps it's very nice if somebody supports you, so hope to meet friendly and helpful people here. Let me know if I can help you.
    Thanks in advance and good luck! :)

  2. Hi, I have been in search of ena varam ketpen song sung by yesudos sir. My father and myself love that song. Please provide a link if u have one for that.


    1. Hey Aparna did you find out? I love the original song but couldn't find it now. All i get is the concert links! Please let me know if you find the link for original enna varam ketpen song.

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  11. Hi... Do you know which album is the original Enna Varam Ketpen Naane song? I keep searching but couldn't find out! If you know please respond.

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