Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cost conscious office Lunch

As the inflation soured, the Lunch at office became a farce over last 2 years.... A funny take on the lunch :

1. Big sized utensils should not be used to serve lunch.
2. Dividers in the plates should be filled with some food... not necessarily your favourite vegetable or well known vegetable
3. Barter system is considered as a Crime... like i don't want curd rice but give me one more roti !
4. Payasam will be served through Reynold Pen's CAP
5. One papad means One half portion of Papad...
6. Quantity of items served on the plate to be treated like "Temple prasadham"
7. New board announces "Too much of eating is definitely injurious to health and shape of the body" in 38 languages

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