Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Coffee Break

I am introducing a new section called Coffee break in my blog. Post under this label would have some discussion between section of people (imagined ofcourse) commenting on current affairs or something creative !!! Do let me know your feedback pls...

Two movie buffs are discussing:

Movie Buff 1: Machi, anjathey padam pathacha?

Movie Buff 2: Illemma. After seeing, prasanna's make up in sun tv's thirai vimarsanam and director's show in IsaiAruvi channel, i was scared to go.

Movie Buff 1: U r missing something. It is a different movie, dont miss it.

Movie Buff 2: Appadiya... TV-la rendu pattu vaikaran. Adha Partha, padam ennamo full-a tasmac-la kadaila edutha mathiri irukku.

Movie Buff 1: Poda... Summa olarathey. Ippadi than Billa pathiyim over-a comment adichey. Padam enna hit theriyuma...

Movie Buff 2: Oho... Appo try panren... Bye for now...

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