Friday, February 8, 2008

Saw some movies this week

Managed to see two movies this week.

1. Polladhavan - Nice tamil movie starring Dhanush. I liked this movie because of its narration more than story. Great comedy track, most of us would have come across similar people in our life as portrayed in comedy track like dhanush or karuna. Super time pass. Dhanush is improving a lot. Looking forward for his next movie with beautiful Nayan.

2. Seven Samurai (Classic) - Watched in DVD. I had seen other Akira Kurosawa's movies like bad sleeps well, roshamon etc. But this movie is outstanding for the story telling method. Almost 3 hours but worth it. The way the villagers goes out and hires samurais, and the settling down of samurais in village and preparation for bandit's attack etc... Wow !!!

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