Thursday, July 1, 2010

Rising Star - Amit Trivedi, Music Director

As a music fan, we have a next rising star in Film Music field - Amit Trivedi.

The composer behind some of the finest albums of the recent past has got immense talent, imagination, composing skills, punch in his side. I am sure you will hear a lot about him in the next 10 years. Now, an intro on him:

Amit is based in Mumbai and started composing music in his 19-20s. He has composed background score for TV serials, Dandiyas and for McDonalds, AirTel ad jingles.

His Aamir OST had some great tracks - Ek Lau track of Aamir was extensively used by NDTV during 26/11 tributes. Phas Gaya (Never Mind) had inmpressive orchestration, instrumentation, arrangement, voice selection and originality.

Then came the stunner called Dev-D. 18 Tracks for 61m and swung across Rock, Band, Hindustani, Punjabi. No other word would describe the album as much as the cliched word "Awesome" !!! Emotional attyachar became a anthem across the Indians and no one can dispute that.

My favourite tracks of Dev-D are Emotional attayachar, paayaliya, aankh micholi. It is a sin if you have not heard this album.

Wake Up Sid had one track of him - A sufi melody called Iktara and won the female singer award in various platforms.

I cant wait to lay my hands on Udaan CD which is releasing this week.


  1. Hey...I owe u great big thanks for the lyrics and translation of the song usiyre pokuthe(raavanan). Thankyou....And enjoyed going thru your pages..

  2. You should listen to his Aisha ! .. it is amazing as well