Friday, July 9, 2010

Sensex outlook July 2010

Sensex has gone up from 5100 levels to 5300 levels bwn June to July first week.

In my opinion, markets are unlikely to fall and could go up and test the resistance of 5385 levels in July and it could even hit 5450 levels. Support for Nifty would be 5250 for July.

As per my last month's prediction, bank of india performed very well and hit 365 levels. If it violates 385 levels, it can go upto 410-425 levels in July.

Another prediction would be to track Opto Cirtuit. CMP is 240 levels. It can go upto 255-262 levels in July.

Update on July 15 - CMP of Opto 270. Hold on for a target of 278-285

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