Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Talk about drinking

Conversation between newly wed couples:

Day 1

Wife - Did you drink today?

Hubby - yes, there was a celebration party for some promotion. It is a social obligation, i could not avoid it

Wife - Ummm... #$%^

Day 4

Wife - You seem to be bit sober today, not talking much... what happaned...

Hubby - Boss was quite unhappy with output, he fired us left and right.

Wife - but some smell is coming...

Hubby - yeah (meekly)

Wife - @#$%^&^&

Hubby - We had a dinner meeting and tried to find out solution, so sipped some bit of drink...

Wife - ????

Day 5 - Morning...

Wife - so, i should not ask you for reason for drinking ?

Hubby - Oh Darling... i am sorry

Hubby's voice inside the mind - You moron, have u understood this finally ????

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