Monday, March 22, 2010

inflation and salaried class

Salaries class is no longer bothered about rising inflation. They seem to be complaining a bit., but no angst or anger, frustration seen in their mindsets. This is quite significant as the public is surviving with higher inflation for the second consecutive year.

These could be the possible reasons....

1. The salary levels has gone up significantly over the past decade
2. which resulted in increased cash or surplus on hand
3. Increased job opportunity across all sections of society
4. Lower middle class is able to absorb the shock
5. Below poverty line's voice is becoming very feeble in electoral system and worse as the could be involved in "cash for vote" during election time

whereas rise in price of Sugar could impact all the sections of the society. That is why i feel there is no significant push from government to bring the price down barring sugar. Let us see how it is going to be over a period.

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  1. Wasn't there a bumper Sugar crop this year ? I guess because of that they did not have to worry about it.