Friday, November 16, 2007

Chennai design - on rain

Lack of rain in Chennai this year and season is seeking skitting away. Depression has gone to Bangaladesh and lashing heavily. Sun is shining relentlessly in Chennai.

Some how, the low pressure always moves to lash Andhra coast often and moves on to Orissa if it is really strong and it has a strong dis-liking for Chennai.

The funny side of chennai placement resulting in lack of rain can be imagined:

a. It is a design issue (Placement & vaasthu impact)
b. Bad people ruling or living in the state
c. Kannagi Statue in beach
d. Oru velai... Is there any "No Entry" board in Bay of Bengal near chennai coast
e. finally whether the low pressure is scared of Pongal when it travels in Bay of Bengal !!!

Do cast your vote.

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