Monday, September 24, 2007

Indo - Pak T20 Final

I am keenly looking forward for this match. For the first time, i think the sides are evenly poised. Difficult to predict the outcome.

Traidtionally, Pak used to have clear advantage in terms of Imran, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis & the one and only Javed Miandad.

My prediction of people who can make a difference in today's match: Asif, Gul, Shoaib malik, Yuvi, RP Singh and Uthappa.


  1. Being an Indian, I am biased that India will be favourites. Having said that i wouldnt mind seeing another tie, simply because of the suspense and relief that the tie creates. Even if the match ends in a tie, if you observe, one team at some time felt; they will more likely to lose the match, behave overjoyed than the other. First tie was India. Who will it be this time?

  2. I guess India has a T20 chance to win this game :) ... No matter what this is one game not WORTH missing :)

  3. Sandy, i get your intentions....but u missed to mention that this match has to be seen right from the toss....!!!! If iam not wrong, there is a indirect request to the blog owner. :-) JAI HIND!!!!