Monday, September 17, 2007

Indian political tamasha

Well.. Well... interesting days or months ahead in indian political scene... It all started with our Nuclear Deal with USA and promptly communists opposed it. So, all hell broke lose and our PM Manmohan Singh ended up forming yet another "committee" to "exmaine" the issues.

1. Communists of india always opposed USA. How will they ever agree to this deal even if PM changes his mind? Not possible at all as the core existence of Communists would be threatened for any "support USA identity"

2. Congress dont have any other way other than pursuing the interest of this Nuclear Bill. If they withdraw now, they would be called as "Chokers"; Also India wants UN Security Council Seat. How would India would get into it without the support of USA?

4. More over, Congress didnt do any great things for commons (read as aam aadmi). Prices shot up, real estate hit the roof, gas, petrol prices are bad. They want to show something +ve to go to voters at this stage

5. So, one of them has to call "Quit" first. Who is going to be that is not yet clear. I dont think, Congress would ever dissolve the Parliament on their own without really some one pushing for it. Otherwise, how will they ever get "Sympathy"? Definitely, they dont want to be seen as "arrogant" and "non co-operation with other political parties".

6. So, can we expect election some time next year? I think so... positively...

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