Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Bandh - Oct 1

Good to know that ruling party is sponsoring a bandh on Oct 1 for speedy implementation of sethusamudram project.

1. Personally I am happy as it gives me 4 days break.
2. More over, life is tamil nadu has become really predictable without any intervention from nature like 100cm rain, earthquake or terrorist attacks. So I welcome bandh. Traffic Jam is the highest uncertainty with a common man's life in tamil nadu. Not even power cut !!!
3. Sadly, i cant make out with whom the DMK is trying to fight. They rule State and Center. Hence, it is a mockery.
4. Best joke was the CM's statement yesterday that communal forces are creating law and order problem in Tamil Nadu. It is a late realisation for me as i could not make out when DMK cadres converted to Hindutva :)

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