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Lyrics of Mudhal kanave from Majnu

Lyrics of Mudhal Kanave song from Majnu

English meaning of Mudhal kanave song from Majnu

Music By Harris Jayaraj

Lyrics by Vairamuthu

F: Mudhal kanave, mudhal kanave,
Marupadi yen vanthaay?
Nee marupadi yen vanthaay?
Vizhi thiranthathum marupadi,
Kanavugal varumaa varumaa?
Vizhi thirakkaiyil kanavennai,
Thoorathathu nijamaa nijamaa?

Why did you come back, my first love or my first dream

Why did you return again ?

Will the dreams return again after waking up?

The dreams kept chasing me after opening up eyes, is that real ?

M:Mudhal kanavu, mudhal kanavu,
Moochulla varaiyil varum allavaa?
Kanavugal theernthu ponaal,
Vaazhvillai allavaa?
Kanavallavae, kanavallavae,
Kanmani naanum nijam allavaa?
Saathiyathil mulaitha kaadhal,
Saagaathu allavaa?

Why will the first dream NOT come back till we breathe?

If the dreams end, what is left to live ?

This is not a dream, as am real, my dear heartthrob

The love which originated from truth, will never die, rite ?

Charanam 1

M: Engey engey?
Nee enge endru,
Kaadu madu thedi odi,
Iru vizhi iru vizhi,
Tholaithu vittaen,

I kept searching for you in town, forest, hill till I lost eyesignt


F: Ingae ingae,
Nee varuvaay endru,
Sinna kangal sinthugindra,
Thuligalil thuligalil,
Uyir valarthaen,

I kept myself alive from the water droplets of my cry


M: Tholaintha yen kangalai,
Paarthathum koduthu vittaay,
Kangalai koduthu,
Idhayathai eduthu vittaay,

You returned my lost eyes, when we met again

But you took my hearts instead

F: Idhayathai parithatharka,
Yen jeevan edukiraay?

why are you after my life, for taking the heart ?

F: Oodal vaendaam, oodalgal vendaam,
Osaiyodu naadham pola,
Uyirinil uyirinil,
Kalanthu vidu

No need to flirt, no need to run,

Just immerse yourself like a rhythm of music

M: Kaneer vaendaam, kaayangal vendaam,
Aaru maatha pillai pola,
Madiyilae madiyilae,
Urangi vidu,

No need to cry, no need to get hurt

Just simmer down like a 6 month old baby with mother

F: Nila varum naeram,
Natchathiram thaevai illai,
Nee vantha naeram,
Nenjil oru oodal illai,
Vanna pookkal vaerkkum munnae,
Vara sollu thendralae,
Vara sollu thendralae,

No need to watch the stars when full moon is out there

No arguments within heart, when you reached out to me

Let the breeze cool down the flowers before they start sweating

M: Thaamaraiyae, thaamaraiyae,
Neeril oliyaathae,
Nee neeril oliyaathae,
Dhinam dhinam oru suriyan pola,
Varuvaen varuvaen,
Anudhinam unnai aayiram kaiyaal,
Thoduvaen thoduvaen,

Hey lotus, don’t hide under the water

I will come everyday like the Sun god

And shower my bliss all over you

F: Suriyanae suriyanae,
Thaamarai mugavari thaevai illai,
Vinnil neeyum irunthu kondae,
Viral neetti thirakkiraay

Dear son, no need of address of Lotus

You can pierce through the flowers from such a long distance

Maramkottiyae, maramkottiyae,
Manathaiyum kotti tholai iduvaay,
Kulathukkul vilakkadithu,
Thoongum kaadhal ezhuppuvaay,

Hey woodpecker, you also peck the heart away

Rescue the lamp dipped inside water

And Wake up the true love

Thoongum kaadhal ezhuppuvaay,
Thoongum kaadhal ezhuppuvaay,
Thoongum kaadhal ezhuppuvaay,
Nee thoongum kaadhal ezhuppuvaay,
Thoongum kaadhal ezhuppuvaay...





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    1. Kanavu means dream. Mudhal kanavu means first dream. Here it means, why the first crush has come back ?

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