Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sensex outlook

Time for i told you so....

In march 2010, i predicted tha the best possibility is 18500 and we touched 18000 for a day after that around april second week.... I also said, that fall is more probable....

Now what?

The bearish tone has set in place with greece fall out, Euro issues... which got missed out in dubai debt crisis. Bearish factors could take Nifty below 5000 and next support will be 4850, 4735... The biggest support will come into play when nifty hits 4500 - 4550 zone.

Currency factors could play a crucial balancing as well as triggers to set the trend. Euro weakening is not good for over all health of world markets.

Buy at every dips - Banking, Pharma with a long term view.

Reproduced from mar 2010 blog post

As for as Sensex concerned, probability of fall is more visible than considerable rise from current levels of 17k. The best of possibility of 18,500 levels and worst of prediction can be to 14500 for the rest of year.

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  1. What will be your prediction for the Euro crisis? Will it stabilize or will it go to a 4 yr low as others say?