Thursday, May 12, 2011

Manchester - Intro

Manchester - An Introduction

  1. Sun rise by 05:00 to 05:30 am.... sun set by 21:00pm !!!
    1. I hv to see the watch for dinner and not outside the window L
  2. Maximum 5 days of sun shine in a stretch – drizzle, rain, heavy winds will be back after that
  3. Temperature range 5 to 14 deg; Wind speed 15 to 28 kmph
    1. Sometimes, i am scared that I will fly especially when I walk on riverside near my home !
  4. Indian food is available in some Asian hotels;
    1. Dosa / Idly is a rare commodity.
    2. Huge Muslim population in Manchester
    3. So., Roti / Dhal is not an issue at all J
  5. Need to explain Vegetarian – no meat, no egg, no prawn, no fish etc etc etc...
    1. Then, they ask – what do you want to eat then !!!!!!
  6. Small city – nicely connected in Tram and Bus
  7. There is a small neighbourhood called Stockport
    1. Need to go there for Indian movies / Tamil Movies
    2. Priced at 7-8 Pounds per ticket
  8. Work-wise
    1. People come in by 8:30 am or so and leave by 5pm
    2. Coffee culture, eating food at desk is common
    3. Most of Men wear come in suit to work and first thing they do, is to remove overcoat and hanging it on chair J
    4. Folks keep their laptops at desk, lock- it and leave to home – unlike Asians
    5. Folks mostly work – they do not open multiple browsing windows to track trading, news etc...
    6. So Productivity ensured in that 7 hours....
  9. Potato is GOD is it is available everywhere
    1. I also eat Rice, Curd, Juice & heat to use Roti packs
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  1. You are missing fish sauce, oyster sauce, chicken broth, beef broth .... ;-))