Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Anna Hazare's detention

It is really stupid move from the CONguys to carry out this atrocious act of detention drama....

1. Anna Hazare is fighting for a movement and not carrying out any gimmick.

2. Government was never interested in a proper Lokpal. The history and survival of Lokpal offers ample supporting information about it.

3. If the Government thinks they will stand vindicated in the Court., why are they releasing within 24 hours... why can't they file a case in the Court ?

4. No answer can be given for this question which came in Twitter - Why it took so much of time to arrest Raja / Kalmadi and why it takes such a less time to decide on detaining Anna-ji even before he started protest ....

When some one protests peacefully, you provide support to it.... Simple... Hope this results in a mini revolution and we have a change of mind in the people.

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