Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ra.one, mayakkal enna music

I am very much disappointed by the two albums...


  1. Cant understand why 8 or 9 tracks in a super hero movie ...
  2. Cant understand what a Bhare Naina kind of track in a super hero movie ...
  3. One decent tune - Chammak Chalo beaten to death with 5 versions ... by the time you come to 5th version... you wonder .... what the hell ???
  4. Raftaarin - RD re-hash, pink panther re-hash

Can't make out - So., Not making any ranking.

Mayakkam Enna

  1. Selvaragavan - G V Prakash combo; Dhanush acting again for Selva - Expectations are definitely high
  2. What you get in the end is beyond imagination !!!
  3. Drunkard tone, lyrics which are blaming girls for love related issues, kuthu tunes - these are damn bad clich├ęs
  4. Is this people call creativity ? Are they not old enough like adam and eve ???
  5. Sorry - pissed off. Ignoring this album for sure.

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