Friday, February 28, 2014

Filter Coffee at Dakshin

Filter Coffee or Mammi's Coffee at Dakshin, Park Sheraton

Entire South India barring Kerala favours Coffee than tea drinking. South Indian Filter coffee generally made out of powdering combination of roasted coffee beans and little bit of Chicory.

At Dakshin, Maami prepares the coffee and it is of blissful taste ! No second opinion for  South Indian coffee lovers… I must say !

Filter coffee gets served generally in a Dabarah  (cup holder) and Tumbler (glass)

An anecdote related to the distance between the pouring and receiving cup leads to another name for the drink, "Meter Coffee".

Diners can order Filter Coffee either at Lounge or at Cappucino restaurant of of Sheraton Park & Towers, while entertaining your business partners or friends. 

Coffee can be ordered while you are having  lunch or dinner at Dakshin restaurant too.

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