Saturday, June 5, 2010

Recent good tamil songs

Some of good tamil songs are listed below:

1. Pookkal Pookkum tharunam song from Madarasapattinam - Hindustani track. Damn good music arrangement, lovely melody. If you can excuse the pronunciation, this would be a outstanding track of recent times.

2. Vaamma Duraiamma song from Madarasapattinam - Simple track, made wonderfully interesting with the translator role of this sung played by Haneefa. Music by G V Prakash.

3. Happy song from Bale Pandiya - very very interesting group of singers pitch in, with the theme "happy". simple lyrics of thamarai, nice tune and ends like a choir. Lovely thinking by music director Devan Ekambaram.

4. Kangaley song from Bale Pandiya - very decent melody. Leaves a very good impression in the minds. Very good singing by Unnikrishnan and Mrinalini.

5. Thakkudhey song from Banaa - Typical Yuvan track enhanced by nice lyrics of Vaali. Grows additictive over a period for sure.

6. En nenjil song from Banaa - Melody song but some how the beat is little sounds a chase / thriller one which makes it more interesting.

7. Kalvarey song from Raavanan - Seductive melody song with lot of tabla in the background. Damn good singing by Shreya Ghosal.

8. Usure Pogudhey from Raavanan - Lovely lyrics of Vairamuthu and fiery singing of karthik makes this song an awesome track.

9. En idhayam from Singam - An average tune made wonderful by Suchitra's singing. Listen to this track just to say wow to her energy levels. Suchi rocks.


  1. thanks.

    I thought aaradha kobhamillai will also feature alongside kangale kamalalayam

  2. Did u hear Poove Poove From Siddu+2??? Check once..

  3. you have GOT to consider aaruyire from madrasapttinam. in fact i think it could replace vaama durayamma. as u said, the latter track is very simple. aaruyire's got a gr8 tune with amazing orchestra. especially the limited but an alluring use of the flute. the lyrics are nonetheless heart-melting. gv's done a fab job.

  4. Ram... Some how, i am yet to start liking the track - aaradha kobamillai. Sahana - yes, its good track. no doubt abt it.

  5. m sorry for commenting on wrong post....couldnt post anywhr else so posting here. i have a request - can u please tranlate the famous Illayaraja song - Kadhal Kasakuthaiya from movie Aaan Paavam into engish if possible.