Monday, September 27, 2010

Maharashtra Tourism

As most of you are aware, i am working out of Pune for the past 7 months. I managed to visit many places over this period and wanted to share my experience with Maharashtra tourism. what to expect, what not to expect...

1. Maharashtra is filled with mountains and hence lot of Ghat roads. Pls do not ever think that you can cross one KM in one minute at 110km speed in your car. 150 KM trip will take 5 hours... so pls be prepared for that. Dont even take the word of your tour operator.

2. Roads are mostly bad due to heavy rain effect, ghat related water stagnation etc. So, do keep your backup tyre intact.

3. Food availability is very stable. One will get Pav misal (bread with gravy), vada pav, rice, dal anywhere inside the state. Same with Non-Veggies.

4. Climate is mostly dry. Rainy season is July, Aug and September. Winter in December & January.

5. Accomodation booking to be done in advance... Payment (50%) has to be transferred while booking. Lot of people travel on three day week ends. So., planning has to be done atleast one month before.

6. Coastal towns are very sleepish but homely. Not knowing Hindi / Marathi will be an issue to interact. Dont expect too much of facilities and blindly trust the web page pictures. They are often misleading.

7. People are relatively nice and not at all arrogant. They are willing to guide and help while you are on the road.

8. MTDC runs resorts at decent rates everywhere.

9. Price of a "Guide" services is very very affordable in historical places. Pls pls use them.

Aurangabad, Ajanta, Ellora

Ajanta is one of the finely maintained places. MTDC's facilities, food is very good here.


Dont miss the hot Jilebi and Pan / beeda.


City being built as of now. Decent for a day's trip. Can go in bike too



Trimbakeshwar is a very good shiva temple.

Malshej Ghat

Decent for a day's trip. Food is not great.


The best food town on the coastal.


Good for nature glimpse.

Raigad Fort

Murud Janjira

Cochin like town with lot of guest house stay options.


Got lot of guest house stay options.



  1. Hi Vijay

    Nice to find such good info about places in maharashtra. Do visit the forests of vidarbha/ nagpur for some wonderful wildlife safaris & natural beauty!
    (Tadoba, Kanha Kisli, Karmazari, Pench etc)

  2. you can find more information about Aurangabad, Ajanta & Ellora Caves and many more by visiting this very informative site

  3. Hi,
    Great Blog,
    I like the way written the blog…
    Post is very informative and you have strong experience of Maharashtra.
    Thanks for sharing such a nice information of Maharashtra Tourism.

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  5. This is a pretty straightforward look at holidaying in Maharashtra. I prefer the coast towns (konkan). stay mostly at MTDC places as they seem to have the best properties that have a great sea view.