Saturday, October 2, 2010

Enthiran - Movie Opinion

Here I go with Enthiran's Movie opinion (Saw it in Pune, E Square on Oct 1)

1. One line story - Scientist Rajni creates a Robo Rajni, Sabotage happens and how the problem is resolved...

2. Thalaivar rocks - style, acting or voice modulation - supreme

3. Ash - subtle show

3. Supporting cast - barring Danny no one gets much space., blink and gone !

4. Technical stuff - superb - be it photography, action scenes. Graphics work is the backbone of the movie.

5. Shankar - Lot of people call dream story and mess up, this man consistently delivers. His narration in second half has always been his strength - be it, gentleman, indian, jeans or anniyan. Enthiran rocks due to the tight story line with simple twists and tales. Presentation style is superb.

6. Rahman - Kilimanjaro sounds the best in cinemas. Very different back ground score this time with loads of metalic sounds

7. Negative - Too much of tech jargons...yes, some ten-fifteen minutes of length cut could have been better.

8. Thanx to the producers, sun pictures, who didnt blink their eyes on budget. Welcome support to the Indian cinemas..i should say..

9. Rajni fans are so smart and intelligent - on the scene when Rajni asks Ash to kiss., nice sound came "Kabardhar".... all had a hearty laugh.

10. Over all, a must watch in theatre - to experience the ICON's stylist ever show ever on silver screens...

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