Saturday, February 12, 2011

Well Done Egypt

Well Done Egypt.

18 days of organised protests.... peaceful demonstrations... Gandhian principles re-instated...

What a Feel good factor generated by the oldest civilised population - by shunning out the mindless Jihadi concept !!!

Hope USA has learned some lesson... they bombarded Afghan and Iraq with non-existent WMD story.... hope they would have taken some cues.... by seeing how a country is made !!!

Egyptians enviable task ahead :

a. Transition to democratic, elected government
b. Political, Judicial and electoral reforms
c. Multi party system with credible leadership
d. Ensuring Job growth by industrialisation and tourism
e. Transparent power transfer thru election process by September

All the best. We love you Egypt. We are with you.


  1. With all the HM cronies in the army, I can't see how the immediate Govt will get to the point u are visualizing (it will be gr8 if they do), however I see a wave 2 of similar things happening there and them reaching the points that u mentioned.

  2. Hari., Even though they may be cronies., some of them could hv been part of uprising. Hope they are powerful enough to carry out future agenda. Hope and pray !