Monday, May 4, 2015

tale of two movies

After a long long time, I watched two movies back to back... and my reaction goes below:

Uttama Villain:

Best part of the movie was casting and acting. Every one has done very well. Never imagined Pooja character to show such varied emotions. But I did not like Nasser's role. He has done this so many times and there was nothing new.

I was especially happy for MS Bhaskar as Chokku. He deserves many more good movies like that.

Kamal - as always, very good. Letter reading and make up removal scene - shows the directorial touch and the way he hides the son's face to show his emotion only - raja thanthiram (vambu)

Kamal has tried to trigger autobiographical over tone... donno how much it would be debated in dining tables ... I would NOT like to speculate and who is who !


I did not like screen play much. Kamal tells KB, that we will make comedy movie but the yesteryear story did not sound to me like a comedy at all. & on Hiranyan's story - Narasihmar gets killed - is this the way he was trying to prove his different thinking ? frivolous !

Somehow, we do not empathize with the emotions for Oorvasi track or Andrea track !

OK Kanmani:

Simple story, straight forward story telling. Fabulous casting. Completing love between elder and younger. Very nicely imagined. Photography and music - excellent.


I remembered when I watched Pudhu Pudhu Arthangal and thought KB did not have the courage the break the culture for the way Rahman's character went back to Geetha especially instead of Sithara.

Here, Marriage was discussed, sex was done - but they decided to marry. We do not feel any radical thoughts here... may be we react like Prakash Raj when he decides to accommodate Tara - these kids will talk a lot but eventually they will succumb to reality

On the other side, they are too cute. No one wants to see them failed, rite ?

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