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Lyrics of Thalli pohadhey from Achcham yenbadhu madamayada

Lyrics of Thalli pogadhey from Achcham yenbadhu madamayada
Lyrics of Thalli pogadhey from AYM
English meaning of Thalli pogadhey from AYM

Lyrics by Thamarai
Music by A. R Rahman
Sung By Sid Sriram and ADK

Yeno vaanilai maarudhey
Mani thuli pogudhey
Maarbin vegam kooduthey

Manamo yedho solla vaarthai theduthey

weather aorund me is changing
time is lost
and my heart beat increases

my heart wants to express something
my eyes are filled
with your image

Vizhiyin mel
naan kobam konden
Imai moodidu endren
nagarum nodigal
Kasaiyadi pole
mudhugin mele

I felt anger with my eyes
I asked my eye lids to close
time spent on waiting
moves like whilash behind the back

varivari kavithai
Ezhuthum valigal
Ezhuthaa mozhigal
Kadal pola perithaaga nee nindraai
Siruvan naan
siru alai mattum thaan


pain caused while conceiving the
line by line poem
feelings left unexpressed by language

you stood before me like a big sea
when I feel like a kid
and i can only feel a small wave

Eriyum theeyil ennai nee ootru
Naan vanthu neeraadum neerootu
Oh oorellam kan moodi

you pour me inside burning fire
I am the stream taking bath in fire

thoongum Osaigal illaadha
Naan mattum thoongaamal
yengi Un-pola kaaigindren
Kalaabam polaadum
Kanavil vaazhgindreney
Theendavey paarthen

while the the noiseless sleeping nights
only, i am awake left alone like a moon
like apeahen's feather
am fantasising
and i tried to feel you
by extending my hand

Yen athil

why did I lose in the attempt ?

Yen mudhal muththam
Thara thaamadhum aaguthu
Thaamarai veguthu

Thaamarai veguthu

why is the moment of first kiss getting delayed?
& lotus feels steamed
lotus feels steamed

Thalli pogathey
Thalli poga sollaadhey
Malar enum multhaane
Thalli pogadhey
Thalli poga
Iruvar idhazhum
Malar enum multhaane

dont move way from me
dont ask me to stay from you
our lips feel
like thorns of flower
dont move way from me
dont ask me to stay from you
our lips feel
like thorns of flower

Dhegam thadai illai
Ena naanum
Oru vaarthai solgindren

I have told you that
biological urge is not an hindrance

Aanaal adhu poi thaan
Ena neeyum
Arivaai engindren
Aruginil vaa

but you know it is a lie
so, come closer

Kanavil therinthai
Vizhithadhum ozhiindhai
Kanavinil dhinam dhinam
Mazhai thuliyaai pozhindhai

you came in my dreams
disappeared when I woke up
but showered me
like rain drop every night

Kangalil yekkam
Kaadhalin mayakkam
Aanaal partha nimidam
Oruvidha maana thayakam

yearling in eyes
allured in love
but I keep hesitating
when ever I meet you

Nodi nodiyaay neram kuraiya
En kaadhal aayul karaiya

our life time decreases
second my second
my love's life getting dissolved

Yeno yeno maarbin vegam kooda
Vidhiyin sadhi vilayadudhey
Enai vittu piriyadh-anbey

Enai vittu piriyadh-anbey

for some reason
my heart beat keeps increasing
but fate looms larger

dont leave me, dear

Yeno yeno
yeno yeno
Yeno yeno

for some reason ?
for some reason ?
for some reason ?

on love

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