Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Travelogue - Chennai to Colombo - Part 3

Travelogue - Chennai to Colombo Part 3

17th Dec 2007 to 18th Dec 2007

Meeting with customer is going on full swing. Mostly they were Sinhalese and bit of srilankan tamil mix. The officials were nice, forthcoming, smiling, time conscious. They were looking forward to share the information to experts (stupid - its me and my boss ofcourse).

Officials were quiet humble, un-assuming of what they have achieved so far and I should admit they had come a long way in their professional life.

The Fort area where we are staying is buzzling with activity, traffic and people. Men dress nicely and asst.Vice president above wear tie to office. Females dress sarees, skirts, trouser - shirt and most of the girls look good. The way the lankan women wear sarees can be said as very precise, elegant. It has a statement and increases their personality. There are two different types of wearing the saree one indian type and the other lankan type.

Office goers of Colombo start the day early by 8:30am or so and wind up their day by 4:45pm. People feel proud when they say that they from places like Kandy or Anuradhapura.

We ate lunch in office canteen for couple of days. Rice, Dhal, Curry are main items of lunch. But the taste is completely different due to some "black spice". Even though the food looks like Indian food, but the taste is totally different. Non-Vegetarian is fully prevalant over Island and offers full comfort. Rice available in two types - white color and brown color.

I forgot to tell you twist of security. Actually, we stay very close to WTC. So security frisk is very high. I am always checked by guards When i step out of hotel to main road. The best part was when we took a stroll to WTC on sunday evening. We realised that some 3-5 guards with machine guns are just above our hotel watching the roads. Actually, they were one floor above the roof top of our hotel.
It was fun to observe that we are taken care so well !!!

SX4 is sold in Lanka for around 13Lakh sri lanka rupees. Pls convert into your currency and check your affordability. 1USD is approximately can get 106 Sri Lankan Rupees.

Sri Lankan Newspapers cover events of India and Tamil Nadu in particular very well.

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