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Travelogue - Chennai to Colombo Part 7

Travelogue - Chennai to Colombo Part 7

25th December 2007

We started our day around 7am to a hill station called Nuwara Eliya. We drove out of Kandy and realised that the Kandy river encircles the town on one side and the town is covered by mountain on the other three side. We drove through a well maintained hill road and all the way and reached the hill town by 9:30am.

The town Nuwara Eliya means the city of lighting and the lighting is supposed to have caused by Hanuman when he burnt the parts of Lanka during the rescue operation of Sita. Lot of sri lankan tamilians work in plantations. I saw them with Viboodhi or Sandhu Pottu (Sindoor), sighted some small temples, VEL tamil movie poster etc.

I bought dust tea packet, had some Ulundu vada, tea in Niwara Eliya and transacted in tamil throughout. This small hill town also has one golf course, horse race ground.
We circled the lake once before leaving the town to a place called Hatton. Our interest was mainly to see the place called "Kitulgala" where the classic movie Bridge on the River Kwai was shot.

The road to Hatton was not great but motorable comfortably. When we came down to Hatton around noon, we also a construction site for Hydro Power plant near a huge waterfall. We realised that we climbed one site of mountain through Kandy and came down through another side !!!

We had lunch at a rest house at Hatton and drove down to Kitulgala. We sighted a board guiding the place where the movie was shot before the real town of Kitulgala. We stopped the car and entered the jungles. Only one person can walk and others have to follow through the path and sighted some houses. One boy came and showed us the place.

We were bit surprised by the site and tried to recollect the move and chatting sometime. Water level was quite low during our visit so we could co-relate briefly. We left from there after taking some photos around 2:45pm and saw some river shafting being promoted on our way to plains.

The drivers were quite patient on the hill roads and does not make many horns and give side regularly for vehicles which tries to speed up without battling an eyelid.

We reached Colombo through Avissawella and Highlevel road (A4) by around 5pm or so.

Our romance with rain lasted for some 500Kms of our travel out of total 900 Kms and our trip came to end peacefully.

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